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Like many other people looking for a way to earn a bit of cash in a way that fits around the family, I have joined a number of market research sites over the past months. Some are for product sampling, some are for focus groups, some are for online pay to click or survey companies. But ALL of these companies payout. I have tested each of them and do not hesitate to suggest them. Some of these links will be commission backed, but not all. I find it worthwhile to join as many of the sampling/focus groups as I can, as there will not be work coming from all of them at once. Ration the survey companies though, otherwise you can't keep up with the surveys. I should stress also that all of these opportunities are Australian, or available to Australians.

Sampling/Focus Group sites.

These often pay good money, and sometimes the kids can get involved. My daughter has tested giant tiny teddies, sugar reduced rollups, tried out the Skylanders games + more. My babies have been able to come with me to groups about nappies too. Its always fun and can be an easy way to occupy my teen AND GET PAID FOR IT!

Red Galah - By far the one that has given me the most work. Husband and I often tag team sessions by me showing up with the kids when he finishes and he will take them home while I head inside.
Realtime Research - Pretty good, jobs are a little far in between, but they have paid me big bucks for a few fun sessions.
Stable Research - Not too many jobs have come to me from them, but still good.
Izatso - Probably the least professional of all them, possibly they are new to the business. But the pay is good, the work has been steady. They also occassionally do online surveys that pay in points that can be accumulated for vouchers.
Soup - A little different to the others. So far most projects have been community based, about sharing information and products with my circle of people online and off. Its been interesting.
ReplenishQR - I've only done the one with them so far but it paid brilliantly ($90 for 2 hours!)
AC Nielson Homescan - I LOVE MY HOMESCAN. Best.Moneyspinner.Ever. We just scan the barcodes of our groceries when we shop, and we accumulate points each month that we redeem at Christmas for a decent value voucher. You can redeem at any time though. We also get points for sending them the brochures etc that we get in our mail. You can't sign up to this one, you have to submit your name and hope they pick you. It was 12 months after I submitted us before they rang.
Farron Research - Another one I have just tried out. $100 for 2 hours locally so they are awesome too.

Online Surveys/Pay to Click/Shopping Cashbacks

I've joined so many different ones of these now, and I have deliberately left off the ones that were either paying such low values for the time spent, or were not reliable on payment. All these ones below I am very happy with, although I will need to scale back when I go back to work as I can barely keep up with the amount of surveys from them all right now.

Myview - I was able to redeem for a $20 coles myer voucher within 7 weeks of joining, so they seem to accumulate pretty quickly.
Livetribe - A steady income earner with a decent amount per survey. Gives you the option to donate your survey earnings to charity too which is nice.
RewardsCentral - By far the biggest producer. I have been a member of theirs since 2002, and have cashed out hundreds and hundreds of dollars. They actually let you "bank"points you earn with them so that it accumulates more points as interest. Don't scoff at 3 points (cents) for a daily click. It all.adds.up. Cashouts start at $30 (3300 points)
MyOpinions - Actually an offspring of RewardsCentral. Allows you to transfer your points earned over to RewardsCentral so that you can combine them to cashout. You can even set it up to happen automatically.
MySurvey - This one is so quick to cash out ($5!) and I have been steadily cashing out $10 vouchers since I joined them. Very happy with them and tend to prioritise their surveys over others now.
NineRewards -  I find these people generally have the highest payment for time spent. Cashout starts at $25, but can only be redeemed for ticketek, hoyts, or magshop vouchers. I'm OK with that since there are often shows with ticketek we would love to see that this can subsidise for me.
Pureprofile - Another one we have cashed out many many times. Cash payments to your account starting at $25. These guys were originally run by Australia Post but are privately run now.
YourVoice - I haven't had so much from these guys. When I do its a good payment, but not that regular. Be prepared to let this one accumulate for a while.
WDYT - Love this one. Have been able to steadily accumulate points by clicking on emails and doing surveys and have cashed out numerous times. Option between vouchers and cash.


  1. Hey! Great list! I love doing market research. I've done heaps with Izatso and have found them to be really good. Lots of dosh too. Taste testings mostly. As well as accompanied shopping trips to see how I shop at the supermarket.

    Another one is Opinions Paid/Colmar Brunton. They have a lot of paid research as well as online surveys. They are based in North Ryde in Sydney so for people living in that area it would be great. Check out their site

    I will defo be signing up to some of these.


  2. Thank you for this list, I am looking forward to seeing how it works out :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  3. Thanks for the list - any extra little bit helps so I've signed up for a few of the above!

  4. Thanks so much for this list Elise - will definitely check these guys out!!!!

  5. I did my first market research session with Red Galah today, locally, tasted a couple of craft beers (about 45 min), got paid $40 coles voucher + $10 cash. Pretty cool.

  6. Farron Research is probably the best in the market as they seem to pay the most and the jobs they send me to are always exciting. The call centre people are also very nice when booking me in. I just wish I could do more jobs but they tell me they cannot book me in too often which is not great

  7. oh, I forgot. There website is

    1. I have used Farron Research and was so impressed I got all my mates to join them too. Can't comment on other companies as only registered with them.

    2. Thanks for the feedback about Farron Research, this is great. How much detailed information did you include in your profile when signing up for an account? I felt a bit uncomfortable about including too much information, but I'm mindful that this means I may not be selected for research jobs with them ...

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  9. I am part of rewards central and i always forget to sign in daily. thanks for the reminder! I also use PinchMe for freebies that get sent to me in the mail. its fantastic!

  10. This is one of the most important blogs that I have seen, keep it up!

  11. I noticed that almost everyone of those has exactly the same registration process i.e. they ask exactly the same questions and the instructions are all identical. I wonder if they are all the same company??

  12. Hiya! Thanks so much for sharing all this great info! ☺

  13. that was great post on market research service, thank you for sharing

  14. are raising incentives and putting members first. They might be brand new but they need to be listed so others can be part of something bigger.

  15. Farron Research is wonderful, staff are nice, sessions are professional and the pay is great.

  16. Thanks for sharing this article! It would be great to read a list of paid surveys that you find reliable. I know of OpinionWorld which gives some real cash by doing simple online surveys without wasting too much time. But would love a list of trusted ones you like to go to!

  17. Another new research panel is PurplePatch which is fun and offers lots of rewards. You can join from here:


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