Meet The Family

My name is Elise and I am a little of everything. Full time mum, Full time office worker, Sydney based blogger and all around tightarse. I work in the IT division of a finance company, but deep down I'm still the banker I started out as. My blog gives me an opportunity to connect outside of my home and family, and frankly I love all the visitors I get. Blog comments are some of the highlights of my day.

Also known as Husband, he's a good sport who is willing to don a tutu for his daughters dancing concert to keep her happy. Loves his football, (NRL) V8's, and very talented with a soldering iron. Just as much as a tightarse as me, so not surprising we ended up married.

Miss 13 is turning into one of the greatest kids alive. She is slowly getting through the teething years known as the teens. She loves all things One Direction, takes an enormous amount of selfies (often with my phone) and does hours and hours of dance classes each week. Keep an eye on the #dancemum for updates into our dance world.

Miss 3 has a big personality with a big temper to go with it. She comes up with new wicked naughtiness's every day and keeps me on my toes. She definitely rules the roost in this house at the moment, because she is too cute for her own good.

Little Mr 2 was our surprise last year. As well as being a surprise pregnancy, he also gave us a surprise birth, arriving 7 weeks too early. Luckily he has cooked up nicely and doesn't seem to have any lasting problems. Since he starting walking he is a force to be reckoned with, giving his 2 year old sister and cousins a run for their money.

Mummy Hearts Money is mostly a personal blog, a chance for me to share my life, and also mouth off a little about living on a shoe string budget. If you keep reading you'll learn more about my family than you might have wanted to know, and also pick up a few tricks to raising a family on the cheap. I'm shameless when it comes to saving a dollar.