Saturday, May 2, 2015

Our Germany Visit

It might be a distant memory already, but before it becomes yesterdays news I wanted to share some pictures of our trip to Germany. Those of you following along on Facebook will have seen some of the photo's that I shared from my 24 hour visit to Paris, but here I'm going to tell you a secret that has most people flabbergasted.

I liked Munich better than Paris.

That seems to be blasphemy though. Anyone who has ever aspired to visiting Paris looks at me gobsmacked at my total underwhelmedness in describing Paris, whereas I rave on endlessly about Munich. Don't get me wrong, Paris was beautiful, and still absolutely worth a visit, and I definitely want to go back to do it more justice. But Germany was more than some pretty iconic photo's. Germany was history. In Germany I wandered in and out of palaces, castles and churches, down cobbled lanes and into museums. There was so much substance to Germany, and in Munich at least, English speaking tourists are well catered to.

One of my Germany highlights is Schloss Nyphenburg. This beautiful palace is easily accessible in Munich by catching a train to Laim, then a bus to the stop called Schloss Nyphenburg. We had no trouble with public transport in Munich, the buses, trains and trams all well display the upcoming stop so it wasn't difficult to know when to exit.

We paid 11.50 each for our entry tickets, but this included entry to the main Palace, Amalienburg (a smaller pleasure palace and hunting lodge), Badenburg (a bathing pavilion), and a couple of other buildings of interest in the Palace grounds. 

The architecture is truly something special, like nothing we have experienced in Australia. Luxurious, opulent, grand, I don't know how many words I can use to describe it, but it's everything the movies lead to believe is the norm for royalty. The Palace also offers complimentary wifi, and an app that provides a limited amount of information about each room.

I won't drown you in too many more pictures, but another favourite stop for me was Harburg Castle. We jumped on a bus tour one day to Harburg and Rothenburg and Harburg Castle is like being on the set of Game of Thrones. It's a medieval castle, mentioned in documents dating back to the 1100's, but possibly older. We were able to see many rooms (but not take photo's), walk along the passageways, peek through the battlements, and even take a look at a medieval toilet and prison pit. It was a fascinating glimpse into history.

I have a million more photo's I could share, but I'll stop with my favourites and just say that Germany has so much to offer travelers, especially those that are history buffs.