Thursday, April 9, 2015

Auf Weidersehn!

Time flies but we are finally packing our bags for our trip to Germany! The Husband is lucky enough to work for a German company, and every year members from all over the world congregate in an industrial type area called Schwabisch Gmund for their annual sales conference. Husband is not in sales, but he is a technician and on the merits of this he has been invited to attend and to take the opportunity to learn from the German onsite techs while he is there. It's his second trip, but as I was pregnant with Sebastian, and had tiny 7 month old Lorelei that I couldn't bear to abandon, he went solo for his last visit. 
When the news came he was invited again, I jumped on that Soul Train and invited myself along. He has the 3 day conference, but we have stretched out to 10 days and will be whirlwinding our way through Dubai, Munich, Stuttgart, and just as a little treat for me while he is at work, Paris.


I'm not sure which part I'm most excited about, but I think Paris might be it. I'm terrified about navigating my way around a strange country with a foreign language on my own, I can't even navigate in Sydney, but I can't let this opportuinity pass me by. We probably couldn't have afforded to trip if we tried to do it as a family or even as a couple, but since the Husbands airfares are paid by work and I've picked up some extra paid work (hello Easter Show!) to help pay for mine, we've been able to make it happen.

Wish me luck, and if I manage to find free wifi I'll be sharing lots of jealousy inducing photos as we travel.

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