Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Raise the Roof: The End Result

This post has been too long in the writing, I can't seem to rustle up the right enthusiasm for writing at the moment, even though I know future Elise will thank past Elise for making the effort.

The process for repairing and restoring our roof took three days. The first was occupied by the roof cleaner, the second was the painting and repairs. The final day the key tradesman involved returned at our invitation to clean up the property and give us the paperwork required for our long term warranty. The house isn't as clean as I would have liked, it's also not as dirty as I was afraid I was stuck with. We've had to put some effort into scrubbing the window frames to get the last of the black residue off them and we think we might be stuck with the coating on the timber cubby house. 

The roof however, looks amazing. I am so happy we had it done. Besides wanting repairs and the comfort of knowing that another strong rainy season wouldn't be doing serious damage to the house, I had cosmetic reasons for getting the roof done. I wasn't a fan of the original maroon trim on the roof, and we've now had the whole roof painted charcoal.

 We started this change back when we painted the house, as originally we had blue and maroon wooden trim along with maroon tiling and gutters. Even though most people commented on how lovely the original door and trim colour was, I just wasn't taking a liking to it. All of the blue trim is gone, removed completely instead of painted as it was rotting in places. Most houses in my street have a simpler look, and I decided I didn't want to keep it.

This most recent step of engaging Modern to complete the roof repairs and paint brings our roof work to a finish. We're really happy with how it turned out, it looks really fresh and new again, and we're hopeful it will have a positive affect on our energy bills.

Once again we are now back to saving for our next piece of work on updating the house. We probably need to get a plumber in next to overhaul our pipes and taps in a number of places, but then we can get to work on something more fun, like maybe an outdoor eating area or a fancy pants new Laundry. It feels really good to have scratched a big item off the list, everyone in the house starts to get demotivated when we scrimp and save for a long time. It's easy to lose sight of why we are behaving frugally and feel depressed that we can't "afford" to do or buy things that we want. Getting something big like the roof done reminds us (well, the Husband and I at least, not so much the kids) of why we make those sacrifices.


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  2. It's always the way with houses! We spent a whole lot of money on plumbing shortly after our property as the bathroom flooded. Two years later we spent the same amount connecting it to mains to be told we could have just don't that in the first place. I wasn't impressed to say the least. The second thing recently was rewiring as whoever had done it originally had cut some serious corners and wired cooking appliances on to a lighting circuit and had done illegal wiring outside. So for us the lesson has been learned and we are hoping to build new next time around :) That is of course unless we fall in love with another house that "needs a little work" and are silly enough to do it all again!

  3. Well, I can say that your roof totally improved a lot! It now looks more elegant and its color will surely protect your house from strong sunlight. I must say that all of your sacrifices are worth it, Elise. Good luck on all of your other plans!

    Greg @ Chavez Roofing

  4. I really like the new, darker roof. It looks very chic and also makes your house stand out. You don’t see too many roofs that are that color. It always feels so satisfying to be able to get something big like this out of the way, especially when it turns out well. My vote is for the fancy pants laundry update next. ;-)

    Pleasance  Faast @ Shelton Roof


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