Saturday, February 28, 2015

Raise the Roof: Step Two The Preparation

See that? That was a full clothes line when I left for work that morning. Anybody else might assume that their very capable teenager decided to bring in a basket of laundry when she raided the line for school clothes but I know there is more chance of my neighbour thoughtfully deciding to bring the washing in than my teen.

I had a few moments of panic when Madeleine rang me after school to stress out that all her clothes that she had seen on the line that morning were now missing. She knew they were there this morning because she collected a school shirt, but now the dance uniform she was seeking was missing...along with everything else.

We found the answer soon enough. Our roof cleaner had been out to the house to start work that day, something I knew, but given the short notice had not put much thought into how I should prepare. Thankfully, he very kindly took all our washing off the line and into a basket we had left outside as a hint for Madeleine. He'd put it aside where it wouldn't be affected, which was a very thoughtful touch.

At the point of sale, we had been promised that the cleaning process would consist of two people, one on the roof, and one on the ground cleaning up as they went along. We were asked to let our neighbours know that the workman might be on their side of the fence to clean up any mess to ensure the neighbouring properties wouldn't be affected. Not being home to supervise the process, we can't honestly say whether this happened, however it didn't seem so. From both the mess left behind and later conversations with the tradie that restored the roof, it would seem that there were was not two people doing the roof clean, and nor do they clean the mess left behind unless the owner specifically requests them to. They also do not enter the neighbours property without the neighbours express permission. 

Our roof might have been clean, but our property was filthy. There was a black film on everything that had apparently come from the roof. When I say everything, I mean everything. The cubby, outdoor table setting, swing set, clothes line, walkways, gutters, window frames, everything. And because I didn't get home with the little ones till the light had started to fade, we followed our usual routine of playing on some outdoor equipment while I sat on the grass watching. By the time I realised how dirty it all was, the kids and I were covered in it. Fortunately, thanks to the roof cleaner, my laundry is about the only thing that wasn't covered in it.

At the conclusion of our roof restoration (more on that in my next post), we gave the tradesman a call and gently asked when he would be taking care of the cleaning. He seemed surprised, as he indicated he didn't notice anything dirty, but promised to come the very next day and take care of anything I wanted at the same time as giving us our warranty. So as it turned out I need to work from home that day in order to ensure everything was cleaned.

My Tips for Preparing for a Roof Restoration (do as I say, not as I do)

1. Remove all laundry from the clothes line!
2. Move all outdoor furniture to a sheltered location, either in the house or garage
3. Cover any delicate plants or flowers if at all possible
4. Clear the yard of any toys
5. Cover any permanent outdoor structures with a tarp

Be prepared for anything you leave exposed to be covered in the nasty black film that comes from the roof. Even after cleaning we can still see traces of it everywhere.

More to follow on the results of our roof restoration. 

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