Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Raise the Roof Step One: The Negotiations

It all moved quite suddenly and unexpectedly this. 2 weeks ago we started organising quotes to repair and restore our roof. We got some quotes from locals, people recommended as great tradies, as well as some majors. Out of the blue, the company we booked with had a cancellation that left them free this week, so we are proceeding 6 weeks earlier than expected.

Before we picked who to go with, we did get a series of quotes. Every offer was a little different to the next, it was hard to compare them as no one quote was to the exact same specifications. We had some extremely low quotes, which were very simply to replace broken tiles and repaint the roof. 1 of these had no warranty, another offered a 1 year labour, 10 year materials warranty. The catch with this kind of warranty is that you need to claim on the materials warranty through the manufacturer - in this case Dulux. While Dulux is a brand I know and trust, I'm not keen on 3rd party warranties, they are never straight forward to claim on.

We ended up going with Modern, in part because their 7 year warranty is with them, but mostly because we like the process they will follow in cleaning, repair/replacing tiles, priming, coated, and double painting with some assurance that we will see a reduction in our cooling and heating costs as a result.

The proof will be in the pudding. No matter what, we had to do some roof repairs as our building inspection identified a series of problems that won't withstand another couple of rainy seasons. But we are taking this opportunity to change the colours and include the elements barrier that should reduce our bills.

I'm not allowed to share the end price (which sucks) as we agreed to keep it private once we negotiated the crap out of it, but I can share the starting price, and the first negotiated price. For those of you wondering what it will cost to do a full scale overhaul of your roof our starting price with Modern was in the higher $7,000's. (We didn't remember to write it down so I can't be more specific). Agreeing to keep a sign out the front advertising their services for 6 weeks brought the price down to around $5,900. 

Given that we are living in a gorgeous suburb, but on one of the older streets with homes around 16-17 years old, many of them home owners, our neighbours are a ripe market. No-ones roof's (rooves?) have been redone yet that we can see, but will probably start to need it over the next few years. We counter offered signage for six months and the price came down even further. What I am trying to convey by sharing (or not sharing) my end price and situation is that it is always worth doing the research on your street and counter offering, even once the usual sales pitch and price has been finished.

Our end price is higher than any other quote - but not significantly so. The inclusions however definitely feel worth the extra.

Mostly I'm happy to know that I've gotten the last of my important structural home improvements out of the way and I can start to focus on fun stuff with my next lot of savings/bonus/tax return - like an outdoor eating area.

B T Dubbs: This post is 100% NOT sponsored. Any brands mentioned have not paid or asked me to do so, nor am I remotely on their radar as a blogger.


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  4. One thing that I have to add about negotiating with a roofer is do not always think the lowest price is the best deal. Found out the hard way by not reading our contract, that we were able to get our contractor to beat an advertised price, but he cut some corners. The biggest being they left us to clean up the debris rather than cleaning up after they pulled away that day.

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