Thursday, February 5, 2015

Grommets 8 Weeks In

Little Sebastian had grommets put in his ears back in early December. I wasn't expecting to see big changes in him, although I've heard from so many people that their children practically changed over night once they had the procedure.

I wrote a post within a few days of the procedure and I can't say that I noticed anything in particular at the time. But 8 weeks on and there are HUGE changes.

My son is speaking in small sentences now, instead of two words tops. His words are clearer, and his vocabulary is so much broader. We can understand much more of what he is saying, his baby slurs have given way to crystal clear phrases that leave no room for doubt.

Now he's also taken an interest in various TV programs. He's never been a child to be attracted by the different ABC3 shows, it was only a rare music show that could hold his attention for a few seconds. He sings constantly, tunes we can recognise, and breaks into various medleys all day. Thomas the Tank Engine, Disney's Cars, Frozen, these are all favourites now. He actually has favourites which is incredible for a kid who had zero interest not that long ago.

I think back to us looking blankly at the specialist when she asked us if Seb had hearing problems. We hadn't noticed any hearing problems. He answered when I called him, and just how talkative did I really expect a 2 year old to be? Even though he is my third child, I still didn't notice that big a difference to the milestones he was marking compared to his sisters. Maybe if he wasn't the youngest, I would have noticed a younger sibling getting there earlier.

He's happier. More forceful in his requests, because he knows what he wants and how to ask for it. He sings and dances his way around the house, and stands up for himself verbally with his 3 year old sister, instead of resorting to biting straight away. That's the weirdest one - I've noticed a massive reduction in his biting over the last few weeks, and I can only pin it on the fact that he has another conflict resolution tool now.

Grommets for the win.

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  1. So lovely to see the changes in a child who has had an underlying problem.
    One of our boys had a severe dairy allergy undiagnosed. Within a week of treatment his entire personality changed after 3 long years of suffering. (He has a lifelong dairy protein allergy.)
    Glad your little man is enjoying himself more now. x


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