Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Secret to Having the Best Lawn...

2 years ago we moved from a suburb where mowing the lawn was a special occasion activity. If the neighbours were out mowing, then sure enough there would be a party to come in the following days. Either that or Christmas.

I'd like to say we were better, but the truth is that Husband avoids the lawn mower like it's carrying an infectious disease. He has all kinds of wimpy allergies, and uses them as the basis for venturing outside as little as possible. Typically I had to have lost a child in the jungle out there to kick him out to mow.

We've since moved to an area where every lawn is mowed regularly. Just about every Sunday morning sees half the street with someone outside mowing and tending to the garden, and the other half are looking after theirs during the week. I'm determined to have a home that I can be proud to pull in the driveway of, so I get out there myself now every fortnight to mow. I can't start the damn mower without help, but I can push that thing around in a neat grid and that's usually enough to guilt the husband into doing the edges more often than not.

I'm definitely holding my own in this street, but no matter how often I mow, my lawn never looks as neat and trim as my neighbour to the left. A lovely retired couple, the gentleman is outside no less than twice a week, mowing his lawn. I've counted three times before as well, which suspiciously seems to coincide with me mowing our lawn.

My neighbours lawn is flat, perfect, and never, EVER, looks like it needs mowing. Even when my lawn is mowed it doesn't look as perfect. And he makes a point of edging a perfect straight line where his lawn meets ours, all the better to emphasise our scruffy yard and his perfection.

Look at that line. It perfectly defines the point at which his perfection stops and my scruffiness starts.

On the flip side, my neighbour to the right is just ever so slightly worse than we are. He never gets too long, but he seems to mow just that little bit less often than we do, and with the same casual approach to just getting it over with. And as a result we tend to look not too bad if I face his direction and ignore the perfection behind me.

And therein lies the secret to having the best lawn in the street. The trick is in looking better than your neighbour. As long as you put in just slightly more effect than the neighbours, you can come out ahead.


  1. hahah, ditto x 1000. except my show off neighbours are across the road.

  2. Keeping your lawn pristine is quite an art if you really want to get into it, as it sounds like your retired neighbor is. It's surprising where your priorities lie during those later years! It can easily be a full time job keeping feeding and mowing schedules, remembering to aerate and scarify your lawn every year, not to mention fending off lawn diseases. You can't argue with the results though!

  3. Mowing the lawn is kind of a tedious work, and it especially gets troublesome once the lawn grows too out of control. Anyway, you are hilarious, Elise! Although I totally agree with your tip. Just keep looking at where the grass is never greener, right? Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you and your family! :)

    Kristina Cobb @ Denny's Lawn & Garden


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