Sunday, January 11, 2015

Financial Irritants

It's been a weekend of financial irritations. Just little things, but they are all adding up. Husband and I are grumpy with each other because of the various financial constraints I have us under, and so we bicker constantly over all these little irritants and everything else.

As I type, he is in the bedroom, sourly sewing a button on his work pants, determined to not watch whatever I might have on TV. And in response, I have a Gilmore Girls episode on, knowing that 20 times later, he likes the show no more than the first time I made him watch it marathon style.

Money is thin. Knowing we have school and dancing fee's coming up along with some insurance premiums I have cracked down on the budget. But we still need to make progress on some house improvements, and bedroom fans are super high on our list. So I've been a busy bee, selling random crap that I should have offloaded years ago, books, DVDs, old kids clothes, you name it, it's gone up for sale, mostly on local Facebook sale sites and Gumtree. Every time someone picks something up, that ten or twenty dollar note gets thrown in a jar with the intention that as soon as we get enough we will buy another fan for the house. We need four, we have one. We want to pay an electrician to do all of them at once, but that means buying them all first. At $160 for each fan, it's not a quick process.

As you can imagine, I was pretty happy when I had collected $220 by Saturday night. That's a fan and a bit. But no, it's not meant to be. A routine rotation of my car tires has produced 2 almost completely bald tires. I'm thankful I haven't had an accident, but spewing that my fan money is now going on 2 new tires.

Adding to it all, I sent hubby to the shops with a $30 gift voucher, to top us up with a few things we just can't make it to payday without. Some fruit, sandwich meat, milk, bread, you get the gist. He knows money is tight right now, but he still came back with various unnecessary items that weren't on the list, and slightly indignant that the gift voucher had bounced.

Instead of putting a few things back, he instructed the cashier to put the voucher through for $20, and put the last $10.74 on our ATM card. Which went through. But barely, because we only had $11 left. Except now we have $0.24 cents left, and I'm stuck with $10 credit on the gift voucher that can't be used for anything else in an emergency except groceries. We've had a fight about the stupidity of not putting back items if you think you only have $20, and not looking at the card to realise he was only $0.74 cents over the limit, and so now we aren't talking.

We aren't speaking over $10 worth of groceries. Isn't that ludicrous? I forgot how much strain money problems can put on a marriage. I know it doesn't help that I can be quite rigid about money, but it's just the way I am. We'll get over this, we always do but it doesn't make it all less annoying in the short term.

Money problems pissing you off right now? Do share,


  1. Elise, I so understand where you are coming from and I would have been annoyed about the gift voucher and getting more items than intended. It really affects your marriage when you fight over money and it's always the way that you save for something and the funds have to go towards something more important. Thankfully you had that money saved or else who know where you would have had to go or do to fork up the money. Hang in there. Take one day at a time. Tight times teach us how to be grateful for all we have. xx

  2. Money worries sure do affect marriages ... fingers crossed we are past that stage in life, but I do remember what it was like only too well.


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