Saturday, January 3, 2015

Commitment To Her Art

As if she wasn't already so much like her teenage sister, 3 year old Lorelei seems to have inherited her flair for dramatics as well.

This afternoon, out of nowhere, Lorelei let out a shriek at the back of the house. We ran to her, sure that she was pinned beneath her brother being tortured, but instead found her clutching at her leg and moaning.

There was no apparent injury, but my little one was cringing and flinching as we flexed and straightened her leg, trying to get to the bottom of it. With no accident or trauma to pin it on, we are assuming that she has pulled a muscle, and settled her on the couch with a heat pack to look after it and Frozen to keep her happy and still for a few minutes.

A few minutes later though......"MUUUUUUUUUMMMMMY!" Batting her little eyelids, she sweetly informed me she needed to be moved to the beanbag - and then that she needed something to prop up her leg.

Every ten minutes for the rest of the afternoon, she called me for one thing or the other, always sweet, and always grateful, but constantly assuring me that her leg was sore.

After an hour or this treatment I became sceptical and stood her up and encouraged her to walk to me - stretching out the muscle is the best thing for her right? She limped and winced and dragged it slightly behind her, stopping after only a few steps to put her arms up and beg to be carried. 

My poor little love, I spent the rest of the day massaging her, stretching and flexing, and holding a heat pack in place. She refused point blank to walk again, and I felt so guilty at making her. 

Tonight we went for dinner to her grandmothers though, and as expected I carried my little invalid into the house. After I settled her on the couch I teasingly suggested she ask her Teta to heat up her pack again to help fix her sore leg. Excited by the idea of showing off her sore leg, she leapt up and ran into the kitchen with her heat pack. 

No sign of a limp. Am I surprised?

She's definitely inherited Madeleine's dramatics. 

I'll be watching this sore leg, because I'm sure there was something in it, but it's hilarious to see Miss Lorelei will milk it for all it's worth.

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