Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Seb Gets Grommets

Seb's been failing hearing tests in his right ear since he was born. We've been back to Westmead hospital countless times to have him retested, and time after time he fails the right ear and returns fuzzy results on his left ear.

While it hasn't seemed to affect him too much, his specialist describes it as like trying to listen to the world with fingers pressed into your ears. There's sound, but it's muffled.

This week Seb went in for day surgery to get grommets. For those that have never heard of them, or have heard but aren't sure what they are, a grommet is like a tiny tube, no bigger than the size of a match head, that gets inserted into the middle ear. The grommet will allow air into the middle ear, and will eventually be pushed out naturally when the eardrum has healed.

The specialist tells us that we can probably expect to see some changes in Seb once his hearing is improved. Less yelling from him, improved speech, less tantrums caused by communication problems, these are all possibilities. He's a pretty challenging 2 year old, but not so challenging that I will be disappointed if there are no changes. I'll just be happy for him if he's more comfortable in general.

What changes have we noticed so far?

Seb is still yelling when indignant or wanting attention, so hearing himself better isn't giving him a reason to not raise his voice. He is also arguing about some words. I'm guessing they sounded differently to him before, so he's gotten annoyed with us when we are apparently saying them wrong.

"Shoosh peeese Mummy"

"You want some juice Sebbie? Let's use the blue cup"


This can go on for a while and just stops when I produce the juice. 

I've also noticed he isn't snoring at the moment. It was never loud before, more just super deep and snuffly beathing, but it isn't happening at all the last few nights.

I'm not sure how much these changes can be attributed to the grommets, or how much I'm just seeing because I'm looking.

Scary as it is to have Seb go under a general anaesthetic, so far it seems like the procedure has been good for him. The costs involved weren't cheap - Approximately $587 out of pocket costs for the specialist - but we have no gap cover for kids at Westmead private so that part meant we didn't have to go on a waiting list to get the procedure done.

Sebs has no pain that I've noticed, and bounced back after the surgery almost straight away. The hospital had him booked for 7:30am surgery, so our little guy did not have to fast for too long - just from 9pm the night before. Brekky was a little late, but given he woke up to ice cream and jelly he wasn't complaining!

Fingers crossed the world is a little clearer for my boy now.

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  1. We went through a similar thing with my oldest, it was like someone turned on a switch. We had to have speech therapy to correct her language but now she's nearly 7 and speaks fine, with just a few dodgy words for good measure!

  2. All the best. My eldest Daughter almost underwent this procedure several years back. She didn't and still gets ear infections in Winter but we just deal with it. (She's 14.)

  3. Oh good luck! I've never had a child undergo general, your mummy nerves have quite a bit to take on right now, don't they? All the best to you both! #teamIBOT

  4. We had them with my second and there wasn't a huge difference. It was more precautionary with her though, because she has issues with her other ear. Hopefully he continues to get better and better. xx


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