Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting Some "Helpling" Around the House

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As if I wasn't already convinced that blogging is the most amazing hobby EVER, in the midst of end of year chaos, a little ray of sunshine landed in my blog inbox this month.

2014 saw me return to Full Time employment, and now for the first time in 4 year years we have 2 people in the workplace 5 days a week. It's been a constant challenge to keep up with the housework, dishes pile up, the laundry mountain NEVER goes down, and not much else happens at all.

Since our move in August, the house and I have reached a stalemate. I still have a garage of unpacked boxes, shelves full of random items that were shoved there till they find the home that has never been found, and a never ending stream of dirty dishes and laundry that I never quite get on top of. The chaos is hard to live with, but impossible to deal with. I tell myself it's only for a few years till the little ones are not such tornado's, but I know we will not get much time back to ourselves for a long time.

An email from Helpling was a little piece of awesomeness in a super chaotic month. I've been wanting to hire some help with the housework for some time now, but didn't know where to start. How I do know how much time to hire someone for, what am I allowed to ask them to do, do I need to be home, and lastly, but most importantly, will they think I am a complete grub?

Helpling's website took so much of the guesswork out of the equation. There is a clear hourly fee, a great estimation guide on how many hours will be needed taking into account bedroom and bathrooms, and a simple tool for locating a cleaner in your area. The website definitely takes the awkwardness out of engaging someone, although I don't know what I was worried about.

 When Sharon showed up (VERY promptly) she was friendly and talkative. I had previously done a tidy up of the house, ensuring all the random debris that a household of 5 accumulates had been put away, but I had resisted the urge to wipe down cupboards and clean the oven top, although every fibre of me was mortified at the idea of someone cleaning up my mess.

We did a quick tour of the house, and Sharon talked me through what she would be taking care of. Based on the size of my house, she assured me that it could be cleaned in much less than the 4-5 hour quote on the website, which I thought was terrific that she would be so frank about an assessment for ongoing work. I don't have a huge 4 bedroom house, and she was done in about 3 hours. The quote was more consistant for a larger 4 bedroom house with more living space and extra bathrooms. She also let me know that some customers engage her for cleaning for a time period they could afford, instead of for the suggested timeframes, and she would clean based on their priority lists, usually getting more done than was asked for.

While she was here, Sharon cleaned out my fridge (!!) dusted surfaces and windowsills, cleaned all the mirrors and mirror doors, scrubbed the oven and cupboard doors, as well as doing the floors. Bathrooms are clean, walls have had fingerprints wiped off, and the house has that fantastic disinfected smell. She made the beds as well, and washed our leftover breakfast dishes, which was definately not something I was expecting.

She brought all her own products and resources, asking me early if I was OK with her using bleach or if I would rather she didn't. She let me know she was always happy to use someone elses products, as many of her clients prefer chemical free cleaning products and would leave them out for her.

My house is spotless, the fridge is sparkling, and it all feels more orderly than it has done the whole time we have lived here. Knowing she was coming today meant that we all pitched in and did the house tidy that sometimes gets neglected because the job is so big. This is definately an ongoing option I need to explore. Husband and I have been talking about whether one of us needs to scale back a little to have at least 1 day each fortnight or week, but neither of our jobs can really cater to it. Getting someone in to help out once a fortnight with the house, and maybe someone else to help with the lawns is probably a good compromise. 

My house is lovely for Christmas day now, I just need to keep my little ones distracted long enough to keep it that way! It might be a little too late for Christmas Day for you, but if you'd like some help getting ready for the New Year, cleaning up after Christmas, or even just need some ongoing help like me, Helpling is there to help you out. You can set up a once off clean, or organise something more regular. And to get you started I have a voucher code for 1 hours FREE clean! (Minimum clean: 2 hours). Consider it my Christmas present to you, because spoilt as I am to have had a full house clean, I probably wouldn't have accepted this awesome little blog perk if it hadn't come with a perk for my readers as well. 

If you do go ahead and book, let me know! I'd love to hear your squeeky clean house experiance.

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  1. You know I just got rid of my cleaner. I will be looking into this company. We got him every fortnight and it was just the perfect time to get it cause by monday (day before clean) the house was a bomb and we had to tidy it.


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