Monday, December 22, 2014

Abandoning the Santa Photo

I love getting a family Santa photo every year, but my timid and occasionally surly 3 year old does not. We are happy to hold her, and never force her to sit on his lap, but just being close to the man in red sends her into a panic of expectations. We have yet to get a smiling photo of her with Santa.

This was a free photo taken at a blogging event in November, but Madeleine was missing so we had no expectations of it ending up as our family shot this year and didn't really pretty ourselves up (the adults anyway!). There was armpit and not much else.

Then there was the fancy pants photo of 2013. We gussied up in our prettiest clothes, and wandered into Harvey Norman for their free photo. Once again, misery at being forced to be part of the process.

Looking back a little further to 2012, and Sebs first Christmas. She was OK, as long as we didn't try to give her to Santa. Safe in Mums arms there were no tears at least.

And back one more to 2011 and Lorelei's first Christmas. This was where the tradition of family Christmas photo's started, as before that Madeleine was always content to sit on Santa's lap by herself for her photo's. This one was always planned to be a family photo, as I liked the idea of sending it onwards to all the extended family to share with them our newest addition of the family outside of Facebook.

And that brings us to this year. I abandoned the Santa photo. Visiting Santa should be fun, amazing, an event of anticipation. Not something to dread and be terrified of. After seeing Lorelei at the free event at the Tower Eye, I realised that this was not our year for a happy family photo all together. So instead, I set them up at home in front of our own tree after the big decoration effort, and started snapping. And snapping. And snapping some more. I don't have an awesome camera, and I don't have kids who naturally pose in those adorable, catalogue worthy positions. It took a while to hit a semi winner, and I've run with it for this years Christmas card.

I think it captures pretty much exactly what 13 year old Madeleine's year has been with a 2 and 3 year old in the house.

What do you think? Do I have a winner?

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