Sunday, November 30, 2014

Meet Husband

I'd like to introduce my readers formally to Husband. Readers, meet Husband. His real name is Ahmad. Ahmad is a Lebonese/Australia Muslim who lives in the Western Suburbs in our little home with a yellow door.

He was born in Beirut as the oldest of 7 kids, and migrated to Australia with his parents, Aunt and Uncle when he was just 11 months old. He's never been back to Lebanon, even for a visit although all his siblings have, and doesn't know any way of life other than Australia. It just hasn't worked out for him to visit, but one day we'd love to go as a couple and meet the multitudes of relatives over there. I can tell from Facebook that they all look just like him, which is no surprise as I often mistake his brothers and he in old photo's.

Ahmad mows the lawns on the weekend. He spent this weekend putting up Christmas lights to make me and the kids happy.

He works as a technician repairing drills for a major German distributor. He cooks dinner more often than I do and makes a mean lamb cutlet that makes me drool.

When his kids need their nappies changed, he changes them. He got up at night for all 3 of our kids, and actually took a year off work for our first daughter when I felt the need to return earlier than expected due to some severe PND.

He waves a flag for Australia day, and cooks snags on the BBQ. He enjoys some hummus and tabbouleh next to everything, takes his daughters to dancing, and jumps on stage to dance with them when the opportunity arises.

As a family, we celebrate both Christmas and Ramadan, we respect our different religions and we raise our children to be respectful of all religions.

You know what he isn't? He isn't a terrorist. He doesn't spend time making bombs or planning world domination.

Next time you feel a little suspicious or scared of a Muslim, please remember that they are a minority group in this country. They make up no more than 2% of our population, and the majority of them just want to live and be part of this wonderful country. They aren't terrorists, and they aren't raising terrorists. 

What prompted this post? A few too many stupid comments this week by people I know and people I don't. Use your brains before opening your mouth. And FYI - any sentence that starts with "No Offence" is almost certainly going to cause offense.


  1. Great post hun, getting sick of the terrible bigotry muslim's are facing so extremely sad.

    1. Thanks Stephanie. It's a horrible time for everyone, and I worry that bigotry on both sides is going to mean a new generation of intolerant children who have soaked up all the wrong messages. Thank you so much for commenting xx


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