Monday, November 17, 2014

Bloggers Brunch 2014

One of my favourite perks of being a blogger is being invited to events. The big red circle on the years calender is the Kids Business Bloggers brunch which is like a big expo just for Bloggers. It's awesome. The room always has a variety of brands targeted towards Bloggers with kids, and all those Brands are keen to make some relationships for outreach work. 

Not every Brand is a great fit for the blogger, and not every blogger meets the Brands criteria. Some Brands aren't looking for anything further than the social media saturation they will get by being in front of so many influencers all at once, some are keen to work with every blogger that shows interest, and others have a select amount of opportunities for a handful of Bloggers that can provide the reach and influence that fit the campaign.

Not every Brand will rate a mention or follow up email from me. At this event, Breville launched
'The Boss', their answer to the Thermomix. It was definitely an impressive machine, and having seen the Thermo in action recently I know the Boss is a bargain at just under $1,000. But even at half the price of a Thermo, it still isn't an appliance I could justify purchasing at this stage in our lives, so I probably follow that lead through!

Brumby's on the other hand provided the sweets for the day. I've never heard of the company before, and was a little disinterested when I found out they only had a few stores in NSW, and none near my home. But once I ate some of their insanely delicious Christmas treats, I was hooked. 

The Christmas balls? Amazeballs. Especially the White Chocolate ones. I was disappointed when my take home goodie bag felt light on baked treats, but jumped for joy when I realised that there was a $10 voucher tucked inside to make a purchase at my nearest store.

As luck would have it, I won a $200 voucher for Pottery Barn from the lovely girls at Omo that day, so we promptly scheduled a trip into the Bondi Junction store with a side trip via the Randwick Brumby's store on the way home. It's easily a 1.5-2 hour trip for us to go into the city like that, so killing 2 birds (and picking up some gorgeous Christmas presents at Pottery Barn kids at the same time) with 1 stone made the trip worthwhile. I almost cried when the girl in store at Brumby's told me that their Christmas balls won't be in store till next week, because I was determined to buy a double batch and freeze some for visitors. It was only the banana bread ($8.60) that saved the day. That is a surprisingly cheap price for a bakery quality banana bread, so I grabbed a few loaves to freeze. Because who knows when I will make it back into the city for those Amazeballs. If you live near a Brumby's, I 100% promise you will not be disappointed if you try them. Or anything else in their Christmas range. Or their banana bread. 

Over the coming weeks there is an excellent chance that I will be showcasing some of the products from the day. I will be pursuing some for a giveaway opportunity so that some readers get the chance for product sampling, and in other cases if the product is innovative or different I may do a review. Case in point, the "Intelligent Potty". I'm already intrigued.

Brands represented: Omo, Avicom, Arnotts, Infosecure

Fingers crossed that I can land some great giveaways!

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