Thursday, October 2, 2014

Settling the House and Kicking into Gear

After a nail biting experience Monday where I couldn't decide whether to murder or fire my conveyancer but ended up doing neither, we settled on our new home Tuesday! It's been a long road to get here, and a last minute setback involving an express post envelope gone astray should have been expected. If it's going to happen it's been happening to us.

We thought we had a leisurely 3 weeks to make the move to the new house, because the lease on the house we are renting does not expire till the 24th October. Bizarrely enough though, I received a call from our agent, who happened to also manage the house we purchased (although it was sold through someone else) and they had gotten wind of the fact that we would obviously not be renewing our lease. I hadn't given the mandatory 2 weeks notice yet assuming there was plenty of time but the call was to let us know that the owner is happy to let us out of our lease early with no penalty. There must be some reason behind it, but we aren't looking a gift horse in the mouth. So with the prospect of saving about $1,000 in rent we are suddenly in a huge rush to have the house ready to move into this long weekend. Not quite the slow and organised move I had planned but oh well!

Within hours of settling I had picked up my retired Painter father and dragged him to the house and then Masters (a new Bunnings competitor in our area) to buy paint and put him to work. Our new home is about 15 years old and seems to have its original paint job. I'm not a fan of cream, and while clean, all our walls are a dingy, institution, cream. Since we have a limited budget on just what work can be done to the house for now, we have started with a fresh paint job inside and out, a built in wardrobe for Madeleines room (the one room missing a robe), a wardrobe upgrade for everyone else, and some small essential repairs.

Our list for the rest of the house is endless, and I'm sure there is plenty that won't ever be done, but just look what a difference the paint has made so far!

This is Sebastian's room, his is the simplest of the kids bedrooms, because I plan to do a lot with accessories for him to achieve a superhero room. His room has been painted a soft gray with pale blue undertones, with crispy Antique White for the ceiling and trim. The white just pops, and makes the whole room look refreshed. We're also going to paint the back of his door with black chalkboard paint. I'm not worried about chalk dust for now. The carpet is on the list of things to go, but for now we are living with the usual rental stiff, thin carpet that vacuums pretty well so a bit of chalk dust won't hurt it.

We ended up spending $561.54 on paint, rollers, trays, brushes, drop clothes, rags, turps, and tape at Masters. We chose Masters because their prices seem to be comparable to Bunnings, and while their range is definitely smaller, the 10% vouchers that Woolworths give out on our receipts was definitely a big part of the appeal. They also had an out of this world special on some specific Pascal paints, meaning we picked up 15 Litres of Antique White ceiling paint for $44.10 (after the discount). To put that price in perspective, 15 Litres of my basic gray toned house colour in a Pascal Trade paint was $94. The catch was that there were only 2 colours available, a creamy colour, and the Antique White, which fortunately for me was one of the colours I was after. Definately saved us a chunk on the ceiling costs. 

Dad was able to navigate the intricacies of best price vs best product, and we walked away with many of our colours provided in a Trade paint (although unluckily for us the 10% discount did not extend to the trade paints) which saved me a fair amount of money. I know as soon as I start picking all different colours for each of the kids rooms that I'm running up a bill, so anything that offsets that is great. Another trick to look out for is the small quantities. If it looks like you only need 1 litre to complete a wall or small space, ask about the pricing for sample pots. Sample pots are 500mls, and at $6.95 each it works out to be much cheaper to get 2 sample pots than to buy a 1 Litre tin at way more than double the price. It helps to go to Bunnings or Masters during quieter times, as the staff are more inclined to share these little tips when they don't have a big line to get through.

Looking forward to a busy few days ahead of me, but will be trying to blog as much as possible so that we have the evolution of the house documented for ourselves down the track. 

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  1. Glad you're finally settling on your new home after all the issues you've had with the conveyancer. Although the problems seemed to have been endless, being able to say that your new house is yours probably wiped all those troubles away. In any case, I hope everyone is doing well these days, Elise. Keep us posted. All the best! :)

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removalsl


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