Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Disappointed Mermaid - A 3 Year Old Room Makeover

Lorelei's room is done and beautiful, but sadly she is the only kid disappointed. I had visions of a beautiful seafoam bedroom, complete with a pearly pink roof, with an idea that it would evolve via accessories into a mermaids bedroom. Lorelei is obsessed with mermaids, but sadly she doesn't have the same vision when she looks at her room as I do.

Even though we talked about her room being under the sea, when she saw it she was a little upset that it wasn't pink! Her only original request was that it be a mermaid room, and she's always been a girl that would ask for blue or green when given a choice, so it never occurred to me that she would want a traditionally girly room with pink walls. I have some idea's for transforming it, but money is starting to run out for this house makeover so it might have to wait for a little.

Lolly was partially consoled when I pointed out her pretty pink roof, but I actually wasn't too happy with the roof myself.

While her walls were done in a Wattyl colour named Peaceful Lake (how perfect was that for a mermaids room?), her roof was done in Rose Garden (also a Wattyl colour). Once again we colour matched to the Pascal wall paint we were using, although we actually don't mind Wattyl as a brand, it tends to wear really nicely on the walls. (See my previous post for a hot tip on colour matching).

We also chose tried out a special effects product from the Resene range called Pearl Shimmer. Its a "waterborne pearlescent glaze ideal for creating sparkled features". Quote: Resene Kids Colour guide.

In the sample booklet, the Pearl Shimmer adds a beautiful, light glittery effect that I thought would add that perfect pearly sparkle to Lorelei's roof. In  reality we can barely see a difference, although if I lie on my back when the room has sunlight, and twist my head to an awkward angle I can sort of see a glaze that makes it seem shiny-er than it might do without the Pearl Shimmer. Although I can't find the receipt and this product is mysteriously non existent on the Internet in terms of price, I recall this was not a cheap product for the small pot. Given its claims to add a little fairy dust, this seemed fair enough. Since I ended up with slightly shiny, I'm not as happy as I could have been. To be fair, we didn't put it over a Resene colour to start with, per their recommendations, and I am wondering if we might have had better luck with the Pascal shimmer pot.

I have a few tweaks to make but all in all her room is done. I'll accessorise a little and see if we can get Miss Lolly back on the thrilled train.


  1. I think it looks lovely. Little girls can be difficult with decisions and independence can't they?! I say invite some of her friends over and let them go all ooh and ahh over it and she will most definitely love it pretty quick under the peer influence.

  2. I think the room looks lovely, I hope your little mermaid grows to love it.

  3. I would have LOVED that room colour when I was a wee lass!

  4. its so pretty! once the furniture and toys are in its going to look amazing

  5. I love the colours. I have a similar colour scheme in my youngest's room, although the green and pink are much lighter. Green and pink are my favourite colour combination (so much so that they were our wedding colours!). Do you think the shimmer would show up better if it was on the wall rather than the roof? The light hits the ceiling in a different way to how it would the walls, maybe that's made a difference? I've never heard of the stuff before though so I will be interested to maybe try some out when I do a little tweaking when I move the girls in together!
    (Visiting from #teamIBOT today x)

  6. I love the colours. Great choice. I'm sure it will look fabulous once the room is set up with accessories.

  7. Toddlers often have very different ideas in their minds to us adults! I'm sure she will actually grow to love it soon. It looks great.


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