Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moving and Shaking

It's over. We've moved. I think this weekend just about broke me, but it's done. I still have to go back to the old house tonight to clean some dishes because I just couldn't face transporting dirty dishes amid all the chaos to the new house, but other than that it's done.

We finished unloading our last truck load at midnight. The little ones were underfoot all weekend making it almost impossible to move the big items. While Lorelei could be distracted by a TV babysitter, Seb was so excited by everything that was happening. He wanted to climb in and out of the truck, help carry the couch, and generally unpack boxes as much as he could. Mummy's little helper. 

I loved my helpers so much that the minute my in laws pulled into their drive after a long weekend in Port 4Macquarie I was waiting with the kids in pajama's ready to hand them over at 7:30pm. It made all the difference to getting the last load done, because otherwise one of us would have had to stay with them while the other loaded the truck on their own.

I at least had the dignity to drive around the block a few times so I could pretend I didn't beat them there in my desperation to offload my little helpers. It put one of the kids to sleep at least.

The house is chaos. I'm too embarrassed to show you photo's our beautiful new walls right now, because every photo is punctuated by mess and boxes. Dad is still painting some of the living rooms, which means we haven't been able to move everything into the house, and I need yet another pantry so it will be a quick stop into Bunnings again this afternoon. 

We've painted the whole house a soft bluey gray shade, a little lighter than Sebastians room, which has come up really well. I haven't been able to get great photo's in good light. The photo on the left shows the original house colour in daylight, which was an orangey cream, with the new colour in the hallway behind, and the photo on the right shows the dining space also painted the new colour, although the hallway is heavily shadowed as it's a night photo taken with ceiling lights light. I love the crispy white edges, it makes me very happy as long as I hide the browney colour tiles in the room from the photo! The background on the left is probably the truer colour.

I gave myself the gift of hiring a bond cleaner to get the old rental into shape so that we can offer the keys back faster, and so that I don't have to lose another weekend to just cleaning. But when I saw the state of the rooms following the move I was mortified, so late last night I was sweeping and vacuuming lest the cleaner think we are pigs and charge us double for the garbage dump I found under Madeleine's bed.

The Internet switches off at the old house today, and I've had my computer running through a back up to a cloud service all this last week. It still has days to run, but I've felt this urgent need to get everything backed up so I thought I'd take this chance to use up the last of the bandwidth on my old plan rather than chewing up the whole first month of my new plan. We've lost a few hard drives of data recently, nothing too earth shattering it's mostly entertainment media, but I would be just about suicidal if it was one of my main drives with our financial data or photo's so the backup is happening. Hopefully by tonight as much will have been done as possible.

If I'm not online much this month, it could be because I'm still waiting for the Internet to be connected. It could also be because I got lost somewhere in the hallways of boxes that is now my home. Better photo's to come soon!


  1. Shesh Elise, well done on getting it all finished, I am in awe of you. The thought of having to move with 3 kids and all our stuff is enough to give me the sweats! Enjoy your new house, very exciting I'm sure finding a place for everything. Em, also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  2. I love your colour, and think you are super motivated so its going to all be great pretty quickly. xx

  3. Aww, you sound like you have it all going on. Giving yourself the gift of a bond cleaner is probably one of the greatest gifts you could of given yourself at this time. Now let the move sink in and put your feet up in between boxes :) #teamIBOT


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