Monday, October 13, 2014

A Fresh New Room for a Teen

For those of you following along, I've got some new room updates for you. Dad managed to have everyone's bedrooms painted in time for moving day, so Madeleine arrived home from Melbourne to her gorgeous new room which she was thrilled with.

We've done Maddy's room in some really bold colours. Not what I wanted for the rest of the house, but since she loves vibrant and bright things, and turquoise is her favourite colour, we painted her walls a really solid turquoise colour, with a royal purple feature wall.

My father in law is working on a built in robe for her complete with mirror doors and internal shelving designed to suit her. While it's frustrating that she has to make do without a wardrobe for a few weeks, we kind of like that we can get the right wardrobe for her.

Maddy's room was done in colours chosen from the Resene range, although admittedly I got them made up in a Pascal paint. Dad preferred it that way, and I defer to him in all things paint! We needed 4Litres (with plenty left over) for the turquoise colour (Seeker) but had to go back to the store for another sample pot (500ml) of the purple (Pukeko), because the original 2 sample pots were not quite enough. The wall need 4 coats of the purple before it had full coverage, but only 1 coat of the turquoise.

Hot Tip for Colour Matching

If you are having colours matched across different ranges, it's really important to hang onto your paint tins so that the formula can be matched up if you ever need more. Sometimes the colour matching service can differ using the same swatches or samples just due to lighting, shadows, positioning of the machine, and you can end up with a pot that is a little different. If you are touching up a room this can be really noticeable! We keep at least one of each paint tine in the shed, although I think from now one I might just photograph the formula rather than keep empty tins,

While Maddy was thrilled with her room, Lolly was not, but I'll save that for another post!

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