Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Cheap Kitchen Makeover

This is my favourite house makeover piece so far. I could not be more overjoyed with how well the kitchen turned out. The photo above is actually from when the original tenants lived here, Dad was painting so quick I didn't get a chance to get a photo of the kitchen in it's new pretty, pale blue colour before he also went on to do the kitchen cabinets. 

The cabinets were a spur of the moment decision. The space looked terrific once it was painted, but the cupboards were really frustrating me because they were scratched up in a lot of places. It's going to be years before we can afford to replace this kitchen, so in the short term we are looking for lots of cheap options to help it look fresh and us. Since we still had heaps of the white enamel leftover that we used to paint all the trim in the house, we decided to take a leap of faith and paint the cupboards as well. I don't think I would have been brave enough to paint newer cupboards, but because these aren't in the best condition and we know we want to replace them as soon as we can save the money, we thought we could afford to be adventurous. They've come up fantastically, but I expect we'll need to touch them up over the years as the enamel starts to wear away.

We used enamel for all our trim and these cupboards because I like how easy it is to clean and the slightly, shiny, new looking effect they have. I consider this one a free makeover since it was done using leftover paint, so I'm calling it a win!

You may notice the cupboard space is beyond pathetic. These wasn't even close to be enough cupboard space for our family with all our accumulated appliances, Tupperware and bulk food purchases, so just to keep things real, here's a photo of the other side of the kitchen - the side which is still in the process of being unpacked so has crap everywhere courtesy of the preschoolers that love "helping" me unpack.

This side houses the three emergency pantries that had to be purchased, one at a time, over the course of the last 2 weeks. I had hopes that I may get away with one full and a half pantry, or maybe two at the most, but I'm actually still struggling with three. It's taking all kinds of alternative solutions (that I will share another time when the kitchen is finally unpacked and finished) to find places to put everything - especially all my Tupperware. I love and use the stuff religiously, but I still have a cupboard full of Tupperware that is in between uses at any given time. Not that I'm a person who buys the newest stuff just because it has a new colour, but I do love how they preserve and store food so I have a fair bit.

These are some of the idea's we have for the kitchen space over the coming weeks. Since I can't afford a new kitchen for many years to come, I'm thinking some pretty and bright bar stools would be nice, along with some pretty teal features like a fruit bowl. In addition, to free up some valuable kitchen counter real estate, we are looking at putting some open (but with sides) shelving up for our microwave, modem, and random junk.  

Thoughts of what might be to come
Moving into my next post I'll be sharing what I've done to make the most of my limited cupboard space, and how I've dealt with the super deep spaces that make it very easy to lose anything that goes inside.

Have you tried painting cupboards before? How well did they wear over time?

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