Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4 Area's to Save Energy In Your Home

This post was brought to you by Energy Australia who have a terrific step by step guide to making an energy savings plan for your home. See how much money you can save by making a few simple changes in your home.

One of the first things we've done in our new home is do an assessment of where and how we can save money by making our house more sustainable. As we save money for our (long!) list of home improvements, our first priority is investing in cost saving initiatives for the house such as solar panels, window glazing, and even possibly solar water panels for that day when the current water heating system gives up the ghost.

None of these are small improvements, but we know the sooner we introduce them the sooner we start to enjoy the cost benefits. In the meantime, here are our 4 hot spots where we try to focus a conscious effort on simple and cheap energy saving idea's.


When we purchased our first fridge years ago we neglected the 6 star rating in favour of the most affordable fridge the size we wanted. Which was also a 2 star model. 13 years later we estimate that decision has cost us somewhere between $750-$1,000 in energy costs - the cost of a new fridge!

When purchasing a fridge look for size (too big and you are paying unnecessary running costs, too small and you may need to run more than one), star rating, and warranty.

With a new kitchen a few years and more than a few dollars away, and a fridge with a broken seal on our hands, we are definitely regretting our thoughtless purchase last time. We plan to reseal our fridge to sort out our immediate energy problem, and put some time into researching the right fridge for us when we finally get our pennies saved for our new kitchen.

Rechargeable Devices

Reader Tip: Charge devices in the car as much as possible to reduce charge time at home.

This is a hard one with a teenager in the house, but we also try to not leave devices on charge in general. We use them till they run out then let them charge again. This means they are not perpetually charging and when the chargers are not in use they are turned off at the point.

Heating and Cooling

Another hard one with a teen in the house, but in the extreme temperatures (hot or cold) we make sure we use the same living spaces. Headphones mean that not everyone needs to be doing the same thing at the same time, but using the same spaces also means that we are not heating or cooling so many rooms.

Use double glazing on windows to keep cooling costs down, and ensure your whole house has insulation. Local governments offer a variety of rebates and incentives in this space that may help with the costs.

Taps and Shower heads

We were happy to find that our new home had energy saving shower heads, but all our taps are quite old and use a lot of water.

A quick trip to our local hardware store produced a set of 4 water saving discs for only $5. These are a quick and easy way to reduce your water consumption (and water heating costs as a result!) by reducing how much water comes through the tap. The water pressure is still retained though, so washing is not affected!

Shower heads and taps are a quick win - check in with your local council before purchasing anything as often there are promotions or rebates that may apply. Our old council gave us free water saving packs to install in our home.

What energy saving idea's do you implement in your home? We are always looking out for new (and sometimes not so new but so logical they've slipped our mind!) idea's to save some money.


  1. I really need to do something about the amount of products we charge and how we manage this. Perhaps a charging station rather than my girls using every power point in the house and forgetting about them.

  2. It certainly gets harder to manage consumption as the kids get older - especially sonce they seem to take after Dad!
    Thankfully our fridge is newish. These days I am more willing to spend the cash when purchasing whitegoods in an effort to buy better energy efficient appliances. It costs you upfront but when you consider the long life of an appliance, it certainly pays off.

  3. Hadn't considered using chargers too much as a way to save power. I'll have to turn them off a bit more.

  4. Those disks look like a good idea. We are really good at keeping our power bill low but love finding new ideas!

  5. Thanks for the tips and thanks for reminding us - I am often too lazy to go turn off the power right at the power point but instead leave the TV and many other electrical appliances on standby - I am sure that is costing us a lot more energy usage! Agree with the extreme weather - heaters in winter and air conditioned in summer - best thing we did was cladding for our home - insulation as you suggested - really helps to moderate the in house temperature. Will definitely aim to run electrical mobile devices till power runs out as they always seem to be on charge at home for us.


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