Sunday, October 12, 2014

1 Week On

We've been in the new house for a week now, and life is only marginally less chaotic than it was. I'm still drowning in boxes, but hooray, the Internet is now connected.

I took the opportunity of moving to reevaluate all of our service providers. I've stuck to the same Internet and Gas providers, but had to accept a lower discount offer than my previous plan which was frustrating. I was previously on a 16% discount, but as they no longer offer this plan and do not transfer, my new plan includes only a 12% discount. No amount of negotiating won this battle for me, and as they were still the cheapest plan in the suburb I stuck with AGL.

Our home phone and Internet providers I changed. Even though Dodo had the best value plan I could find, which I was really happy about last year when we made our move into the rental, both their customer service and line service has been abysmal over the last 18 months and I just couldn't face spending hours on the phone with them again trying to facilitate the move. We'd had outages more times than we can count, and have spent hours on the phone with their IT department and it got to the point that we would just wait out an outage rather than ringing. Generally the service will drop and and out all evening, frustrating, but not as frustrating as pulling plugs in and out repeatedly at the request of an overseas IT department, especially when it doesn't produce any noticeable difference in service. It cost $168 to break our contract, as opposed to the $50 to transfer our contract to the new house, and I consider the $118 difference + setup costs with a new provider to be well spent.

Curiously we are still waiting for our old Real Estate to let us know the final rental amount owed to them. They aren't in any rush to confirm a final inspection, acknowledge receipt of our vacating, or give me a final amount. I owe them money, (probably only a partial rent week though) so I find it interesting that they ignore every effort I make to contact them. Hoping this does not bode poorly for our bond which I'd really like to get back.

On the home front, the whole inside of the house has been painted, although I will keep the photo's for another post. Dad has started work outside now, and we have appointments to gt someone out to give us a quote on painting and repairing the roof. It doesn't have any major damage, but there are some broken roof tiles, and we want to refresh it up colour wise as well. I'm just not in love with the maroon edge tiles, especially now that I'm having the gutter work repainted black from maroon.

Real life has taken over from moving. Even though I'd love to be unpacking, there is still laundry to be done, bags to be packed, dinner to be cooked, and children to not kill.So my dreams of finally having a beautiful display home might have to be postponed 10 or more years.

On the alarming side, does anyone else realise there are only 10 more weeks till Christmas?

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