Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trash to Treasure

My preschoolers have developed some insane extra sensory perception. A toy or possession might sit, invisible to them, weeks and months on end in plain sight, but within minutes of my ear marking it for sale or donation to the salvo's it has become their favourite belonging.

They retrieve it from the donation box, and squirrel it back to their rooms to engage in surreptitious play. I've found Sebastian hiding in cupboards with his contraband, and Lorelei under blankets with hers. They don't touch these toys, or even just parts of toys in such a long time, and they know instinctively that it's leaving the house but for some reason these are the toys they are suddenly obsessed with.

It almost makes me feel guilty for getting rid of these toys. They are obviously attached to them, what kind of mother get rid of such prized possessions?

Me. That's who. My kids are completely messing with me, I sneak the damn things into the box, and 2 minutes later it is back in their rooms. 

It's a vicious cycle.

Where before I was having to do a nightly trip to the charity bins in order to stop myself from being tempted to save items, this weekend we have had to go up to 3 trips a day just to stop the perpetual search and rescue mission the little ones are on.

So now I'm battling my own hoarding tendencies AND the preschoolers. I'm never going to purge this house of clutter at this rate.

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