Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ssshh...Don't Tell Dad

"Don't tell Dad about his present, it's a secret" I cautioned Miss 3 year old Lorelei on Thursday night.

She solemnly assured me she wouldn't, this was clearly big stuff.

She has since spent every opportunity with her father, whispering loudly about his secret undies with purple pineapples, much to Husbands amusement.

Besides his super exciting iFly experience last fortnight, Husband was showered in preschool and homemade gifts, a couple of pairs of the most lurid underwear Lorelei could possibly choose (including scratch n sniff pineapple ones), and a super cool, colour changing Dalek mug from Madeleine who shares the Dr Who nerd gene with her Father.

This can't be a long post, we have Wii to play and kids to wrestle, Fathers Day is the one day I can't justify sitting too long on the computer because Husband deserves to enjoy all the fun his kids can dish out, without any of the nappies, vomit, or fights.

Happy Fathers Day to the dads, the single mama's, and the dads to be. You are all amazing. xx

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