Saturday, September 27, 2014

Marking Their Territory

We went out to visit our almost new home today. It settles Monday, but the agent was kind enough to let us in with my in-laws so we could take some measurements for wardrobes. The intention was to show off a little, and share the excitement of owning our own home again while also getting a head start on Madeleine's new built in. 10 minutes tops.

It ended up being a 40 minute visit. The agent must have been ready to kill us, but she hid it well. Using up so much valuable time on a beautiful Saturday morning which is prime time for open houses. 

First the kids took off to hide in wardrobes and play in bathrooms. Since the place is almost but not quite ours, I turned a blind eye to the rudeness that was them slamming doors and running around. The tenants have vacated so I didn't think it would hurt. Until my mother in law came giggling out of the ensuite, closing the door carefully behind her. 

"Oh dear, she's done something". A quick glance in the room told me that she, Miss Lorelei, certainly had done "something". A something that required a visit to the car for wipes, plastic bags, and a change of knickers. 

Before we could get out to the car though, we had to figure out how to get out of the house. I had flicked the screen door lock behind me, a habit to stop the preschoolers escaping since 3 year old Lorelei can open doors now. 

It was a brand new screen door, and unfortunately none of the keys fit the locks properly, and there was something wrong with the lock barrel. By flicking the lock I had trapped us inside, unable to unlock it and get back out. 

We had a poop in the ensuite, everyone was locked inside, and the agent was glancing at her wrist, no doubt to let us know she had plenty she could be doing.

Eventually we made it out, but not before 2 year old Seb decided to do "something" too. We had to change both of them and clean the damn bathroom (that we don't own yet) before we could leave.

I figure they were marking their territory. 

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