Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Time To Hold Our Values

I don't know which is scarier right now. To be a Muslim, or to not be a Muslim. Who is a bigger target from outside Australia, and who is a bigger target from within Australia?

Everyday we read articles of the atrocities being committed overseas, and now we start to see more and more of home grown violence. The violence is directed against people of all races and religious backgrounds. We are a country starting to turn on ourselves. 

I'm afraid for my children. If as a country there are people who are scared of, or hate Muslims, where do my children stand? If there are people who hate Australians or Non-Muslims, where do my children stand? I can't see that there will be any quick or painless resolution to the escalating problems world wide. I can only hope that as a country and as a people we hold firm to our values.

Now is the time to watch every word we say in front our of children. To measure how we comment on the media and explain the worlds situation. We are responsible for shaping the thoughts, opininions and judgements they take into adulthood. Careless conversation now could make all the difference to the decisions they make tomorrow. The decision to accept, or hate. 

There are most definitely people with hate crimes brewing in their hearts right now. We don't have to become one of them, and we can make sure we do everything to speak out at every opportunity. 

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