Monday, September 1, 2014


It's an exciting time for us right now. We've passed all our cooling off hurdles and now we are in the countdown till moving day. There is a tenant in the property currently who has to be given notice to vacate first, and I understand that the laws around this mean that they will be given 30 days notice under the contract of sale.

We're currently under a lease ourselves until the end of October, so we've offered an additional 2 weeks to the current owner if the tenant needs it. It will bring us closer to our own lease expiry if the tenant takes it up which will give us a smaller window of time that we need to pay both rent and the mortgage.

Ideally we will end up with a 2 week window ourselves to do some small upgrades to the new home, each of the built in wardrobes is extremely plain and poorly fitted, and one of the bedrooms doesn't have a built in at all. Rather than buy a moveable wardrobe we'd rather just install a built in straight away.

Our minds are buzzing with ideas on what we can do to our new home but since it all takes money it all takes time as well. We will need to tackle each project one at a time and cost them out first.

I have two dilemmas in moving to this new home, the first is that we are downgrading from 5 bedrooms to 4. While we technically don't need the 5th bedroom, we have of course filled it up over time. I'm going to have to break some of my hoarding habits and say goodbye to trinkets, memories, and clutter. I struggle to say goodbye to things I have had since before the kids. I don't know why but the simplest lanyard, movie ticket, or scribbled in notebook is steeped in value for me. I'm going to have to make a few clean breaks but it will probably take me a few runs at it!

My second dilemma is that the new house has about one third of the kitchen cupboards of our current house. I'm not sure there is even enough cupboards just for my Tupperware much less anything else so I'm going to have to both cull and find some creative kitchen solutions for a few years. 

So for now, my evenings are spent Pinteresting kitchen solutions although soon enough I'll be packing.

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