Monday, September 15, 2014

Battling My Clutter

There's boxes everywhere. Moving date is looming, and each night finds me sorting, selling, packing, and revisiting our belongings.

If we haven't used it in 2 years, it's going unless there is a good reason. Admittedly some of my good reasons are a little flimsy (oooh, I haven't read this in years, well I did now so that totally counts) (Collectors Edition DVD box sets were TOTALLY an investment that are going to go up in value any day) but mostly it's working.

Suddenly I'm seeing the really negative side of my thrifty ways. I keep everything. I mean everything. Craft projects that I started and never finished, just about all of Madeleine's cast off dance gear and costumes, books, books, and more books, love letters, diaries, and slam books for my teenage years. And more, so very much more.

I regularly sell things, but it's usually quite selective. Either it has no much resale value I can't resist moving it on, or I just need the space so I manage to part with it. There is so much stuff that never gets sold or thrown, because it has no value at all, or I place too much value on it. I refuse to throw it out if I think it's worth something but no one on eBay or Gumtree seems to agree. Or, if there is any vague possibility, that one day, myself or someone else will make use of something, it gets kept. No matter how remote the possibility. Teddy Bear making kit anyone?

I also can't bear to throw it out if there is any memory attached to it at all. I have boxes of love letters, notes passed from friends, diaries, photo's, magazine articles, ticket stubs, you name it, I have clung to the relics of my life with determination. Husband has very few memento's of his life before me but I have so many.

I'm putting a name on it. Hoarder. I'm a freaking hoarder, and I'm probably only a few years away from being the star of my own reality TV show. 

It's a big part of why I find it impossible to keep my home clean these days. (Although admittedly 2 preschoolers also has something to do with that). Everything has a place, and it's piled on top of something else. In order to get at anything, I have to pull out a dozen unrelated items first. 

So it's time to go. I plan to scan love letters, childish finger paintings, and part with DVD's that lets face it, are a dying technology that are most certainly not an investment. To make sure it happens, Husband does a nightly run to the local charity bins to remove as much as possible from temptation, and the bin gets emptied each night in an effort to stop me salvaging memories.

Mostly I'm winning the battle.


  1. I so need to declutter!! Good luck!!

  2. You have read my mind and 'put it on paper'... I too am working on my clutter.

  3. Stop clinging on to those relics. You’ve got to keep in mind that throwing those things away doesn’t mean you are throwing the memories along with it too. You can keep a few that’s too valuable to let go, but absolutely not those tickets stubs, magazine articles and the like. Anyway, I’m glad that you're starting to do something about it. I wish you luck on that. Here’s to healing from hoarding!

    Clarence Rios @ Bins By Jo


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