Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Flu is Kicking My Ass

It's the end of a hellish week. Is there anyone in Australia who hasn't been impacted by this kill me now flu?

The rest of my household seems to be able to mostly shake it off after 24 hours but for me it's lingering, like the unwanted house guest that can't take the hint. Despite getting a flu shot this winter for the first time, this particular strain of flu has been kicking my ass.

This winter it is really sinking in what it means to have Crohns disease. Last winter I spent weeks working from home, too toxic to work in a busy office. I couldn't ditch the flu then either, and unlike previous years (pre-Crohns) when I could bounce back after a few days of TLC I found myself worn down for weeks on end, sniffling, drowsy, and with a hacking cough.

I hoped that this year a flu shot would keep the worst of it away this year, so I put my big girl panties on and signed up for the free, corporate flu vaccination through my office back in May. I've made it this far, but this week has been a killer. 

Despite the flu shot, despite keeping myself obsessively warm and using antiseptic hand wash and wipes every five seconds, I am still doing an impersonation of Snow White and her dwarf's - sneezy, dopey, snotty, grotty, sleepy, drooly and oh so grumpy.

I guess I should be thankful I made it this far through Winter, but I just wonder what else I am going to find myself succumbing to over the course of my life as a result of the immuno suppressants I am stuck with. There is a whole world of viruses and diseases out there that I might catch. Ebola? Cancer even? I feel like every day I am alive is a gift because who knows what will be coming for me next.

Morbid as those thoughts are, I will leave you with them, because I need to go hunt down a fresh box of tissues.

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  1. It's been a long time since I had the flu, but I remember the last time I had it was very miserable. I found myself barely able to move. I would feel such a congestion in my chest. I also know that a flu shot does not guarantee you going without the flu. This is kind of tough and scary to have a flu that sticks with you.

    Yevette Behnke @ U.S. HealthWorks Modesto II


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