Saturday, August 2, 2014

Smelling a Blast From The Past

This little blast from my past is brought to you by Lynx Body Spray, an aerosol deodorant that brings my teen years flooding back at the first spritz.

Guess who this belongs to in our home?

*Hint* It's not Husband. Lets look at a photo of it in it's habitat in our home.

This bottle of Lynx belongs to 13 year old Madeleine. This teenager of mine is practically a carbon copy of me at the same age. 

A terrible scan of one of my teenage
20 years ago, Lynx came on the scene and I was a 13 year old girl myself. Lynx Body Spray entered the market in a sexy, squat, black can and was quite clearly for men. It was a far cry from the pretty, slender, pastel cans us girls were using. But within months it was the deodorant of choice for the girls in my year at school.

At the back of the class, for a seemingly vague minded reason, I would pull out my can of Lynx and casually spray all over my school shirt and move to put it back in my school bag. Within seconds someone would ask to borrow it.

You see, just like a Discman, a Tamagotchi, or that bottle of Sun In that you would spritz in your hair at lunch time while sun baking in the school yard, a can of Lynx was a status symbol. If you didn't use Lynx you might as well throw your deodorant in the bin for all the good it did you in popularity points. 

I'm not sure what the appeal was for us girls. The smell? It was definitely on the sexy side. The fact that it was a male deodorant? Maybe, there were definitely points in being such a rebel. Even if being a rebel meant doing the exact same thing as all the other girls. The bottle was probably part of the appeal too. It was edgy, young, and didn't have the same prissiness to it that the pastel feminine range did. The attention that came from the teenage boys didn't hurt either. They liked it as much as us girls did.

My own beautiful teenager
Fast forward 20 years and it has been a long time since I wore Lynx. Its still one of my favourite scents on a guy, and I've bought it many times for Husband when I'm the one doing the shopping because it's still my go to men's deodorant.

It came as no surprise to me to find this bottle of Lynx in Maddy's room recently though. She has been slowly working her way through the various men's deodorant's in the supermarket aisle, grimly determined that she doesn't want the girly bottles or smells. She's an Individual. She doesn't conform to the norm. She's most definitely not a girly girl (according to her!). Lynx is her kind of deodorant. 

I may need to pick up a new bottle for Husband.

As with all posts about Madeleine, this was discussed with her before posting. We give her the opportunity to review photo's and content and discuss the appropriateness. I feel that this is a good way to role model responsible social media use.

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