Friday, August 22, 2014

Sebastian Turns Two!

2 is my favourite birthday of all, and it is making me so sad to think that my last little baby has celebrated 2 candles. 1 is a beautiful birthday, a month usually marked with lots of milestones, walking, teeth, first haircuts, but other than enjoying the gathering of relatives and the fun of exploring a cake, my little ones don't quite display the joy that they do with a 2nd birthday.

2 is about realising that everyone is singing to you. 2 is huffing and puffing, and knowing that you want to blow out those candles but not quite having enough puff yet to do it. 2 is overjoyed by the collection of people being part of their special day, and 2 is blown away by the cake.

We keep catching Sebastian sitting quietly in a corner with some make believe cake - sometimes its just an imaginary cake in his hands - singing to himself as he rocks from side to side.

"'Appy booday to you.....""Hooray!"

He blows furiously and starts again. Playing Happy Birthday is his favourite game right now. Because 2 is too special to do just once, he had three sets of cakes this year. Cupcakes at preschool with all his little friends, a big cake with all his little cousins, and yet another cake on his birthday when we went out with a friend for lunch and a stroll through the Botanical Gardens.

Big Sisters help blow out candles
I can't believe it's our last 2 year old birthday celebration! No more toddlers on the cusp of becoming little people, I know before I realise it I will be sending my babies off to school. I wish I could trap them in the funny adorable little bodies, but they will keep growing despite my nostalgia.

Good-Bye to 1. Hello to 2. Happy Birthday little Sebastian-man.


  1. Happy Birthday Little Man. How gorgeous is it that he understands that cake means birthdays. My favourite is their 3rd birthday when they 'really' understand.

  2. Oh so cute love that he sings to himself. Happy Birthday little man.

  3. Gorgeous! Two is sooo special! Happy birthday little man! Enjoy!


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