Friday, August 8, 2014

A Car For a Growing Family

This post is brought to you by Ford and their latest offers.

In a perfect world, where money was no issue, this is Husbands ideal car. A couple of years ago for Fathers Day I mustered the money to give him a Ford V8 experience. He got to do several laps around the race track behind the wheel, and another 2 with a professional driving. He was in heaven.

Not being that kind of car nut myself, I don't get the attraction. For me it's about quiet practicality. I've owned four cars, and all four have been Fords. I wasn't consciously setting out to buy the same Make, but when we bought our very first ever brand new car 6 years ago, I ended up in the Ford lot admiring the different models.

Back in 2008, Lorelei and Sebastian were just a twinkle in the eye. We knew there were going to be additions to our family in the future, so we wanted to make sure the car we bought would be the right car for a long period.

With kids sitting in car seats for 7-8 years these days, and a growing older daughter who would need to sit in the back with up to 2 babies, we knew we needed a car that had 2 car hooks and could accommodate the car seats in the middle as well as the sides. Although a sedan would be snug with 3 kids in the back, it's fine as long as Maddy can sit on an outer seat and doesn't have to be squished in the middle of the little ones.

I also needed a boot that would be big enough for a double pram and all the shopping that a big family requires. Safety was also key, not knowing much about cars, I don't feel confident buying some of the lesser known brands on the market no matter how cheap they are.

My needs aren't about speed, appearance, or performance, they are about family. 

6 years later and my little Ford Focus is still a terrific car. But with such a big age difference between the kids, there are often times when we find ourselves wanting to bring a friend along for 13 year old Maddy when we go on outings or participate in extra curricular activities. And with a 5 seater, we end up taking x2 cars in order to fit the whole family as well as the friend.

We are very conscious now that it is time to upgrade again to a 7 seater. A car that will give Maddy room to stretch out when it's just us, or allow us to bring extra friends and family along on trips.

It won't be the 6 year old Ford that gets traded in. It will our other car, older, less reliable, and definitely less loved. 

Is it any wonder with such a great track record that it's the Ford dealership web pages I visit when I'm dreaming of the next car that will take my family from A to B?

Forget Husbands perfect world, this is the car that I daydream about. The day will come.

If you are in the market for a new car, make sure you check out the current Ford offers. And while you're at it, take the Territory for a test drive for me.

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