Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why Facebook Sucks

I'm on the fence about Facebook these days. It wouldn't take much for a new or improved social media site to edge them out of top spot for keeping up with friends, family, and businesses for me.

If you are a regular blog reader, or even a social media manager for a business, you are probably aware that most pages are being edged out of your newsreader and that it's bloody hard work getting in front of your fans now.

As a blogger this irritates me a little, but as a reader this irritates me alot.

My Facebook news feed seems to be made up of the same 20 or so people with a tiny handful of businesses or pages. Since I have 275 friends, and like in excess of 1100 pages, this is about as annoying as stepping in banana.

My cousin is having her first baby, and it took a phone call from someone for me to find out. Someone else got married, 6 months ago, and somehow I missed the announcement, the wedding and honeymoon photo's, and all the lovey dovey posts since. You're slipping Mr Zuckerberg. Facebook was meant to be my way of staying connected with the relatives and friends that don't fit into day to day life, but that I don't want to lose (and don't want to have to make an effort for). What good is it if the only people that appear in my news feed are the select few I was already making an effort for? The ones I didn't want to hear from I filtered out of my news feed myself, so I'm not real impressed that the rest of the content is being censored. And half of what is delivered is no longer relevant because a new comment on an ancient photo somehow counts as "current"?

Also newsflash: I followed those businesses for a reason Facebook. I didn't want to have to subscribe to a thousand newsletters in order to keep up with sales or promotions. Facebook was once my bookmark manager, my way of watching businesses with potential. I can't count how many times recently I have vaguely remembered some toy or outfit that I mentally bookmarked as a gift for a niece or nephew, and have had to scroll through one thousand pages to find the relevant page because I can't remember the name. The only ones I can remember are the dozen that make it into my news feed on a regular basis.

I now obsessively like posts and photo's, no matter how inane or irrelevant just so I can keep people and pages in my feed. When I drop by someones page after having to search for them and see a screenful of updates I've not laid eyes on, I end up liking everything in the hopes that you will make it back into my feed. And then it occurs to me what I stalker I am being, because when I get a series of random, dated likes, I want to block the person.

Facebook is not about big business Mr Zuckerberg. It's about me making connections. Or so your own propaganda keeps telling me. Feel free to pop advertising on the side bar, that's absolutely fair game. Even the occasional sponsored post from someone I don't like already appearing in my news feed.

Just stop censoring what I can see. OK?

PS. If Mummy Hearts Money is no longer appearing in your news feed regularly, make sure you stalk me a little and like or comment on everything you can. That way you and I can remain friends.


  1. Totally agree. Every so often I think, I haven't seen a page for a while, and have to go searching for it. PS, love arriving on your very fresh new page!

  2. It is really frustrating isnt it, I agree I see the same people and the rest I dont have a clue what is happening. Its even worse with my FB page for my blog, it shows very few people seeing posts even though there are lots of followers. But what can you do!


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