Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eid 2014

As a Muslim/Christian household, each year we participate in the end of Ramadan celebration called Eid. During Ramadan, Muslims fast during sun up, only breaking their fast when the sun goes down. During this period, we eat many more meals with my In-Laws, as this is a time that families tend to come together.

The first day of non-fasting is Eid which we celebrated today. Some councils or area's that have a high population of Muslims in the area will have festivals or activities on or around the day that Eid falls on. While we have never been to one of these festivals, some years we will go to a more local picnic that is run by a community group that many of our family are members of.

Each year for Eid I buy the kids new clothes to wear as we go visiting Husbands relatives. Every home we visit there are sweet biscuits and treats that have been specially baked for all the people that will come calling, and even though many visits will be no more than 15 minutes long, we will always have a cup of coffee and a biscuit. My kids love the visiting, Sebastian particularly will eat one date filled biscuit after another, getting crumbs all over his nice outfit.

He knows there are yummy things to eat at each house, and will prowl around asking for treats until someone understands his demands and gives him something.

The kids also love the chance to play together with all their extended cousins, there are so many of them and we often only get to see them at celebrations, weddings, birthdays, but also Eid.

I mostly like the chance to get together with the ladies of the family, a chance to gossip a little, relax, it's always nice to spend time together.

Another part of Eid is gifting the children in the family money. My own children do not fast, but in other families the gift of money can sometimes be an encouragement or reward for fasting. Fasting for children is always done in an age appropriate way. Depending on the age of the child, and the time of year which influences the time that the fast starts and breaks (winter is a much shorter day), a child may go without afternoon tea till dinner, or if they are older may stop eating from lunchtime till dinner.

When we get together as a family group, I gift my own kids and all my nieces and nephews small amounts of money from the littlest 1 year old right up to 13 year old Madeleine. So do most of their Aunties and Uncles, particularly the ones with kids themselves, so my kids come home with full purses as a result!

Lolly and Seb are too young to understand yet, so they come running to me clutching five dollar notes in their hands for me to tuck in the little purse I bring for that purpose. They like packing them away, and would actually be more acquisitive if people were giving them coins because coins are way more fun to put in the money box. For the most part I deposit the toddlers Eid money into their bank accounts, but I usually will buy them something little with their money. This year we dropped by Kmart and picked up a drink bottle for each of them. We want to reduce the amount of cups being used each day (and the spillage!) and I am hoping that if we use the drink bottle system like preschool it will do the trick. Both kids love their preschool bottles I bought them, but they were $25 each personalised. These cute bottles were only $5 each, so each toddler still has plenty for their savings accounts.

Maddy gets a little more free reign with her Eid money, but each time she gets a windfall of cash (Christmas, birthdays, Eid) we encourage her to bank at least 40% into her savings towards a car. We want to teach her to not just splurge when she gets small windfalls in life, so that she has good habits by the time she starts getting work bonus's, tax returns etc. She also has to use a little of the money to pay something towards her iPad loan. We lent her money a few months ago to fund an iPad with more storage than her old one to use for school as well as recreation. She was finding the original iPad didn't leave much room for fun.

We don't change our routines too much for Eid, but most people in our family will close their businesses for the day, or take a day off, even the kids get a day off school. Because it's only Husbands side we go visiting to, (my side are Christians so we see them for Christmas) late afternoon and evening is enough time to visit plenty of relatives and we will probably catch up with more this weekend.

To all my Muslim readers, Eid Mubarek, and I hope you have a wonderful year. To all my non-Muslim readers, I hope you enjoy this peek into our cross-cultural world.


  1. Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri to you and your family. Hari Raya is big here and is a public holiday so we got to enjoy a long weekend. Hope you had a fantastic celebration too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love to learn about cultural and religious celebrations and ceremonies.

  3. Awesome post! Thanks for the peek into your lives, I found it a great read!

  4. Wow Muslim and Christian! That must make life interesting for you!
    Thanks for sharing with us. :)


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