Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bootcamp for Dummies

I've joined a free bootcamp series being run by the council closest to my work. It's a good opportunity to get out in my lunch break and work off some of those office Freddo's and the terrible eating choices I have available to me now that my Crohns has eliminated so many good eating options. It's been two weeks, and some of the more fitness minded people in my office have started to join me. They completely put me to shame, as this bootcamp is just a supplement for them to their normal workout activities. As a general rule I consider the gentle stroll down down to the river to be my workout, whereas they go for a jog and stretch the minute we arrive following our walk.

To give you an idea of my fitness levels, this is kind of how a series of exercises works out for me:

Activity One: Jump over the low hurdle side to side twice, then sit and do two sit ups.

I trip over the hurdle after the first jump and figure it will be less mortifying to stay down and do my sit ups. In future I actually jump side to side behind the hurdle instead of over it. 

Activity Two: Swing a bell weight between my legs as high as possible keeping my back straight.

After getting into the swing of this activity I hit myself in the shoulder with the bell weight. It's easier just to swing it gently between my legs and hope the trainer doesn't notice. He does. "Someones improvising!" he sings out.

Activity Three: Kick a padded shield (being held by someone) up high using my shin.

My partner is a 6 foot something guy from the office. Even making an effort to hold it low is too high for me and I find myself contorting in my efforts to hit the shield and not the shield holder. Unsuccessfully.

Activity Four: Push ups. Lots of them.

After a handful of these with aching arms I take a little rest with my face ground into the grass because I have no energy left to move it to the sides. I time myself to ensure that the trainer is harassing someone else but pretty quickly I hear "Some one's improvising!" yet again.

Activity Five: Skipping Rope. Arms tights, letting the wrists do the work, no wild jumping.

Jump. Trip. Stop. Jump. Jump. Trip. Stop. Repeat. 

And so on, and so on.

It's laughable how uncoordinated and unfit I am, but I guess that's the whole point of joining a bootcamp. I need to get more active again, and I'm hoping that the Mayor will sponsor another series so that I can keep going after this 8 week bootcamp finishes. 

I've made a point of following the Facebook pages of all the councils located close to home and work so that I can keep an eye out for other activities that I can join for free or for a nominal charge, hopefully I can find some more!

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