Sunday, July 6, 2014

All Class for This Westie Mum

I've always wanted to try High Tea. Ever since a friend of mine (who has more class in her little finger than I have in my entire home) mentioned her High Tea at the Versace Hotel it has struck me as one of those things that has to go on the bucket list.

What could make High Tea even more perfect for me? Bloggers. A whole table of them. Every few months Bloggers from all different niches come together for an unsponsored get together to just hang out and talk business. I get weird looks when I mention I am heading for a catch up with Bloggers, especially since I haven't met most of them before, but the thing is, there is no such thing as a stranger in a room of Bloggers. I'm still waiting for someone to coin a phrase to describe us in large groups. Gaggle maybe? Bevy? We were a Bevy of Bloggers with plenty to say.

So the company was perfect, but the question remained, was the High Tea everything I had been anticipating?

Two words sums it up. Gold. Leaf.

I actually ate a mouthful of chocolaty goodness that was garnished with gold leaf. Of yeah, you better believe I am coming up in the world.

I'm not a tea drinker unfortunately, so my High Tea was accompanied by a delicious shot of caffeine via Latte, but the tiered plates of delicacies more than made up for not being able to sip my beverage from the china. Scones, meringues, sandwiches with cucumber! It was all yummy.

I can't wait to take 13 year old Madeleine to experience this with me. It strikes me as the perfect Mother/Daughter day out, and something that we definitely have to do together.

If you are looking for beautiful and affordable venue to try High Tea in Sydney, we visited the Gatehouse Team Rooms in Parramatta. High tea was $39 pp and included a drink of choice, along with all our teeny treats.

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