Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Treasure Hunt with Peppa

Husband and I took a day off work together yesterday to take our little ones to a live show. It's a rare occurrence that we take a day off at the same time, as we tend to try and spread our annual leave days out so that the kids have more parent time, so today was a bit spesh.

We were a bit nervous about taking 1 year old Sebastian to a live performance. Lolly has been to a Disney on Ice as well as a live performance of Lah Lah's big band, but Seb doesn't like to sit still long enough to let the TV be a babysitter, so we had a feeling we might be chasing him all over the venue.

We shouldn't have worried. We waited till the very last second to take the kids in so that they wouldn't have too much sitting idle time to get bored and it paid off. Almost as soon as they were settled in chairs with a tub of sultana's to snack on, the lights went down and Peppa Pig's friends appeared on stage playing Hide and Seek. Seb stared with an open mouth at the stage for the entire first half. Apparently seeing the characters in person is alot more fun than seeing them on TV. The second half he came into his own though, dancing and grooving in the aisles.

As predicted, Lolly was incredibly into the performance, singing, calling out to the actors in line with the show, and cheering when Daddy Pig drove his red car on stage. She loved it, but was a little tired towards the end. Our tickets were for nap time, and even though Lolly often skips her nap these days, she was clearly buggered.

I was dubious about how good a show with puppets would be. Surely life size character suits would be a better choice? No, the performers that carried the puppets only added to the show with their facial expressions, and it was fun hearing Peppa's voice come out of the young woman prancing her puppet round the stage.

The highlight for us would have been George's squirting streams of tears that flowed out from his puppet when he wailed, looking exactly as they do in the cartoons!

There was a strict no filming policy, (although non-flash photo's were allowed) and I would have loved to have filmed a song to post because they were catchy and fun to watch. I did find this video on the official website though, so it will have to serve as a taster for you. Most of the performers were different, but the Peppa Pig was the same, and I loved how close her voice was!

There was merchandise on site, and although I originally had thought I might buy both kids something little as a momento of the show, there wasn't heaps to choose from and seemed more expensive than can be found in the mainstream stores. We actually took our Peppa and George plush toys with us, and they ended up being bigger than the plush toys available for sale so we rested with those and didn't buy anything new. Lolly also has a few Peppa Pig dresses already, and even though there were t-shirts for sale, they were $25 each so we gave them a miss as well. 

We were gifted tickets to the Peppa Pig Live Treasure Hunt for the purpose of this review and for facilitating a reader giveaway earlier in the year. No other monetary compensation was offered or requested. All opinions remain my own. If you are interested in attending a performance, Peppa is touring the country and more details can be found here.

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  1. Bekki (Peppa) is a buddy from years ago. She is fabulous! So glad you enjoyed the show.


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