Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Dreaded Fundraising Chocolates

We received the dreaded fundraising chocolate box yesterday. And not just one, now that Lorelei is also dancing, we got TWO to sell.

Why is it dreaded? Because x2 boxes of chocolates means potentially $100 of chocolate I may almost certainly potentially have to pay for. I have zero will power and if there is chocolate in the house it will be consumed. Not to mention the teenager who will take the occasional one on the basis that she has every intention of paying for it (there goes the clothing allowance) and the toddlers who will stack toy upon chair upon table in order to get to the box and ravish the contents with no intention of paying for any.

So two boxes of chocolate is not terrific in this house. I would come away cheaper if I just donated the $40 profit margin in the boxes and left the boxes at the studio.

Since Maddy took a friend to dancing yesterday, and the two girls were looking for distractions, instead of taking the girls and the chocolates home, I sent them straight across the road to the netball courts hoping that the hordes of competitive parents would also prove to be peckish parents. Unfortunately that only took care of 25 of the chocolates so I dragged the girls along with me to the Westfields to shop with me. The girls promptly hit up every customer they came across in Big W, until a staff member let them know that they weren't allowed to sell in store. Whoops, but that took care of another 27.

52 down, 48 to go. I was determined to not take home these chocolates if it could be helped, so spurred on by the thought of chocolate bribes, my teenagers started wandering in and out of stores, offering to all the staff and sometimes the customers. As it turns out, a hairdresser is a great place to go to move some chocolate! By the time we finished at the Westfields, and after a quick stop into our local complex for milk, they had moved all of the chocolates and I was only out of pocket $2 for their bribes.

I'm curious how much faster they would have moved if I had little Lorelei lisping up at the potential buyers. I know Maddy used to be able to clear a whole box at the sporting fields when she was younger, so either parents are getting healthier or she's not as cute as she used to be.

Are you a powerseller or do you end up eating buying the box yourself?

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