Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lorelei's Dentist Visit

I took Miss Lorelei to the dentist recently for her 6 monthly check up. It's was her third visit, and she's finally starting to warm up to the dentist and feel confident enough to allow her into her mouth.

Before each visit to the dentist, Lolly and I will role play together for a few days. I check her mouth, sometimes her teeth are "sick" and need a little medicine, other times her teeth are perfect and we high five. Lorelei checks my teeth, which always involves lots of tsk tsking, and afterwards we both get pretend toothbrushes and stickers as a reward for our clean teeth.

This kind of preparation definitely helps. At our first visit, she buried her face in my chest and adamantly refused to open her mouth. This time though, she giggled as we rode up and down in the chair, held her hand out for more tickles from the air blower and cheerfully opened her mouth wide for her teeth to be counted. 20 perfect teeth that give credit to Lolly's love of brushing.

I haven't started taking Sebastian yet, I'll probably wait till after his second birthday. Right now the poor kid only has 8 teeth, just like Madeleine his teeth are all taking their own good time.

Sure enough, Lolly got a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and some stickers afterwards. We can always rely on our dentist to come through with the good stuff.


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  3. That’s actually a great idea, Elise! I think playing “pretend visit to the dentist” is a good conditioning approach to kids and would definitely calm them down when the actual dentist visit comes. I love that you were able to make Lorelei play that game. Haha! I also love that you’ve been very vigilant about your kids' dental health. :D
    Jeff Wade @ Spring Branch Dental

  4. My dental care provider has been with me since the mid-nineties, for some 15 years. I have had 8 veneers put on that have been without any problems.

  5. Twenty spotless teeth? Lolly is certainly a good girl! It means that not only is she a good brusher, you've also done a great job in teaching her proper oral hygiene. You're right in having this little routine days before you go to the dentist. It helps her understand what's going to happen. Perhaps in her fourth visit, you wouldn't have to do this anymore, as she's getting quite used to it. Let's see if she's even better in her next appointment! Take care!

    Eugenie Velasquez @ Wynnewood Dental Arts

  6. That certainly went well. Glad that Lorelei was all smiles afterward. That visit to the dentist should set her off to religiously take care of her oral health. Kudos to you for that one! All the best!

    Bernadette Blair @ Louis K. Cheung, DDS

  7. Aww!! So cute girl!! You know my daughter is 8 years old and I usually take her to our family dentist Manhattan Beach
    for regular checkup. She doesn’t have any problem in her teeth yet because I follow all the instruction that out dentist gives us!!


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