Monday, June 30, 2014

A Working Mum Morning

Let me kick off by saying, I've done the Stay-at-home Mum thing. And it was bloody hard. There were days when I couldn't wait for Husband to get home so I could have just 10 minutes to myself in a dark room with no children. Or the car. Or even the toilet.  

Being a full time working Mum is a whole different kind of hard. And to make it all work we have to have the worlds tightest routine. We know this period will pass, over the years as Maddy grew up in an only child household, the hecticness of having a little one eases as they get older, can stay up a little later, do a little more for themselves.

For now this is what a normal day looks like for us.

5:30am Husbands and my alarms both start going off at the same time. Husband slaps blindly around at his for a few seconds to shut it up, while I start kicking him in the back to get him moving. Eventually he grunts at me and rolls out of bed, and I shut my own alarm off and go back to sleep. After going to the bathroom Husband will usually remove Lorelei from our bed and put her back in her own so I can have more than the edge of the bed for 15 blissful minutes.
6:00am My 2nd alarm goes off. I contemplate ignoring it, but eventually roll out of bed because I can hear Seb stirring and starting to demand a bottle. I find Husband in the kitchen making every ones lunches and we grumble some morning greetings over the microwave. 
6:25am I am pretty much ready although my shoes usually elude me at this point. Husband sticks his head in on his way out the door to say goodbye and we toss some hasty instructions to each other about the days errands and afternoon activities. I wander to the kitchen and kick off dinner, often a slow cooked meal, sometimes just preparing meat or veggies. Often Husband has started this before I get there. This is my chance to sip the coffee that Husband very thoughfully made for me. It might also possibly be his, same thing.
6:40am I get Lorelei out of bed, usually asleep worn out by the long and loud conversations she was having with the roof of my bedroom at 4am. I strip off her pajama pants and night nappy and stick her on the toilet. She protests briefly at the chill, but quietens down when Dora comes on YouTube on the iPad. I wander off and finish packing the babies preschool bags and locate everyones shoes.
6:45am Wake Maddy up for the first time. She ignores me for a while but eventually growls to let me know she is awake.
6:48am Lorelei is glued to YouTube, but follows the iPad back to my bedroom where I swap her pajama bottoms for jeans and pop a jumper and shoes on. She goes to bed wearing a top and socks so I don't have to do much else. She might as well be a zombie for all the attention she pays me.
6:50am I get Seb from his cot where he has been calling me for at least the last 10 minutes. If I release him early he makes a beeline for the kitchen where he raids Madeleine's school lunch, so usually try to leave him in his cot till I'm ready. He goes to bed wearing his preschool clothes, so a jumper and shoes means he can go straight in the car. 
6:52am Wake Maddy up for the second time as I start to load Lorelei and bags into the car. She yells at me to convince me that she is awake and out of bed and I am being overcautious.
6:54am Head back in to double check on Maddy before I leave only to find her back in bed with the light off. We get in a fight before she stomps off to the bathroom, incredulous that  I don't believe that she was actually getting ready and I just happened to see her in the brief second she was lying down. She has to leave the house in 45 minutes, so really doesn't have much time to procrastinate if she wants to fit in breakfast (which she won't).
6:58am I arrive at preschool just in time to unload the kids before they open the doors at 7am. 5 minutes later I am out the door and on the way to work.

Almost every weekday morning looks like this, and Saturday which is filled with extracurricular activities. The only difference on Sundays is that the babies in built brat alarm means that they both wake up around 5am. It's instinctive.

It's almost a relief to get to work and relax for 7.5 hours. Deadlines and office politics is way less effort than running a household.

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