Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Blog May Have Abandonment Issues

I'll never be one of the greats. I was on a blogging roll this year until life got really busy. The crazy thing is that my life is so full of blog worthy activities right now, but I have no time to write about any of it. And that's why I'll never be one of the great bloggers.

So what's keeping me too busy to blog right now?

Lorelei turned 3 this month, and between a family get together and a big preschool party I've had no time to spare. Cake baking, decoration and invitation making, party planning, I'm not actually sure how I squeezed it all in but the party was fantastic and my crowning moment was Lorelei sucking in her breathe and squealing "for me!?!" when I did the big cake unveiling. It made staying up till 2 in the morning decorating the cake all worth while. The cake is from Cake2theRescue (who I've featured on the blog before) and if you are looking for some terrific free Dora printables to decorate a party I have a collection of them on my Dora Pinterest board!

This IT gig is keeping me on my toes. I am learning so much every day, and I'm still loving it, but the part I don't love is the hours. At the beginning of a project work and life are pretty balanced but by the end I'm working till midnight every night and weekends. I just wrapped up another one on Friday (while also pulling together Lorelei's party to happen Saturday!) so hopefully I'll be back to being balanced again for a while. This is a (bad) photo of my workstation at the moment. I have the laptop, an extra monitor AND a Mac at the moment, all usually in use at the same time on the same piece of work. If you look closely, you can see a photo of me and Husband way back in the olden days.

House hunting has also been a priority for us this last month, and I'm going to liken it to trying to get pregnant with Lorelei (the only one of my three kids who was planned properly). Finding a house hubby and I agree on, making an offer, dancing the price dance, and losing the property is agonising. What's worse is we actually far enough to make an offer that was accepted this month, put down our 0.25 deposit, only to choose to walk away when we saw the results of our pest and building inspection. That was one of the hardest decisions we've made, both because it means letting of the house we had emotionally attached to already, but also because it means walking away from the deposit, the cost of the building inspection, and the accumulated legals. It's almost as hard as the 2 minutes we waited in between peeing on the stick and seeing only 1 line instead of the hoped for 2.

Credit.  Most definitely not the house we made an offer on. We can dream right?
And finally I'm also trying to do up a bookshelf for Sebastian. With zero DIY skill I thought I would try my hand at a painted bookshelf. We hope to do up his bedroom in our new house eventually in a red/navy pirate theme, so this board is my inspiration for painting this bookshelf. It's slow going, because I only get time to paint an extra layer on the occasional shelf every few nights, but hopefully now that my work has settled down again I will make more progress. What makes it harder than it needs to be is that each shelf is fixed so I can't just remove them and paint them plus the back wall of the bookshelf easily. Slow and steady it's starting to get there.

Each of these things deserved a post of their own but this will have to do. I definitely want to share more on the bookshelf when it's finished.

What's keeping you busy this month?  Any DIY tips for me?

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