Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Home Heating Solutions with Real Flame

All rooms from homes we have visited this month! Sourced from

Husband and I have been shopping around for a new home for our family. Each weekend sees us wandering through a variety of homes, enjoying the voyeurship that comes with entry into these open houses. I love seeing how other people arrange furtniture and create living solutions, and of course Husband and I always have an opinion on what we would do differently.

There are a number of different kinds of houses on our list each week, but we start to see a common thread to the features that attract us. High on our list is making sure our new home has a gas connection, because we have been living in a rental property without gas for a year now, and we are shocked by our sky rocketing electricity bills. Not only are we living in at the foot of the Blue Mountains, which is freezing at night, but without gas we are relying solely on the ducted air system to warm our home and the bills are definitely reflecting that.

Lots of the homes we are looking at have alternative heating systems already in the home. We are loving the idea of a fireplace or gas heater in our new home, but we already know we are going to have to modernise whatever home we buy as some of the current solutions are grungy or quite dated.

These are some of the idea's we've had to bring some of the homes we've looked at more in line with our dream home that we will live in for years to come. Don't the photo's on the right look delicious and exactly where you would like to be on a Winter night?

The Elegance Fireplace

The Pyrotech Gas Fireplace 
The Elegance Landscape Fireplace
I can't think of anything nicer than a fire each evening as we curl up to watch TV or play games with the kids. And if that fire doesn't come with collecting and storing kindle first, that would be even better! This final design would be my favourite, who knows if the home we end up choosing could house it though.

This post was partnered with Real Flame who are market leaders in fireplace heating design and manufacture. If you are interested in warming up your home with a gas heating solution, Real Flame provide free quotes.


  1. Excellent! Hope you've managed to accumulate the sufficient financial capital at this point to lock the purchase that you want. It takes a bit more effort than usual, but it should be more than concerting. Good luck!

    Kevin Fritz @ Iron Point Mortgage

  2. we have a gas heater as well as reverse cycle air-conditioning, and use a combination of both. We're not plumbed into the gas (we use bottles) so just have to be careful not to use all the gas on the heating otherwise we can't use the cooktop! I love booth options but sometimes wish we had the traditional wood heater. Good luck finding the right one.

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  4. Thinking through and really searching for your ideal home is the key of finding your dream home. You’re going to need to do a bit of research and have a lot of patience while looking for it. As for the heating systems, I would probably also go for that last one, particularly with how it is set up. I hope you find a home that can fit such accommodations! Good day!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuteMP

  5. A gas fireplace, in my opinion, makes a house feel like a home. If you do end of getting one though, and want to make it even more efficient, you should consider investing in a fireback. Not only will this heavy sheet of metal protect the back of your fireplace, but it will help reflect the heat into the room, rather than up the chimney (which is a common problem). Hope you find the right home for you.


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