Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day! (Attempt 2)

After last Sunday's delightful sleep in it was inevitable that I would be up with the birds for my real Mothers day. Madeleine point blank refused to get out of bed and help her father with breakfast, so after listening to him work his way around the kitchen trying to pull together a hot breakfast with two hungry toddlers demanding breakfast I gave in and got up to help him make Mothers Day wonderful.

Which it was. Choc Chip and Sprinkle pancakes for breakfast followed by a return to bed to open my presents. I'm not sure why we do presents in bed, it's a bit of a nod to the expectation that I will have had a nice sleep in.

The Mothers Day award goes to our preschool teachers. The amount of effort they put into making sure my child gives me something special is phenomenal. Besides the obligatory hand print and rhyme (which I love, I keep all of them), Sebastian's class gave their mums a repurposed Heinz jar which had a Betty Crocker cake baked into it, topped with a patty pan and spoon. Clever or what?

Admittedly Sebastian fought me for cake privileges but I managed to get a few bites.

Maddy thought she had it in the bag with Lindt chocolates and Pj's, and snaps to her and Ahmad, this year they are in adults sizes not kids. I'm looking forward to snuggling up in them for bedtime tonight and the chocolates are long demolished.

Lolly however gets all of my cute points today producing some beautiful roses she picked in the garden and lisping out perfectly "Happy Mudders Day!".

So much effort goes into helping kids make Mums feel loved today. And I feel very loved, so it was all worth it. Thank you to my beautiful children for a fun, funny, day with lots of laughter.

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