Saturday, May 24, 2014

Date Night With The Teen

Madeleine and I made it out of the house tonight for a rare girls night out with friends. We don't do it often, my girlfriend and I both have teenagers and babies so it can be a challenge to coordinate something for the teens.

Maddy was able to pick up some clothes that she tried on weeks ago but didn't have the money for at the time, and was lucky enough to score them at 30% off. Although how she managed to buy a pair of $30 pants for $10.46 is beyond me. Somehow they scanned at $14.95 instead of $29.95 and then got discounted further. Bargain! I grabbed her a pair of the $10 jeans from Target while we were there, this teen of mine has grown like a weed in the last 12 months and can longer fit into all her Aunties hand me downs. I think the time has finally come that she will be handing down to them.

I had a handful of Hoyts vouchers that were due to expire at the end of May, so the trip to the movies for the group was my treat but I completely forgot how expensive the food packages are! Since we had time to kill, we wandered down to Woolies and bought 2 bags of $0.99 popcorn and snuck into the parents room to cook them. A few minutes later we left the room smelling delicious and managed to have some cheap snacks to munch on. Going to the cinema is a rare treat for us these days, and I love to snack on popcorn. It just isn't the same without it, but the bagged kind is almost (only almost) as good as a giant tub.

Since we had been at the complex 2 hours by the time the movie started, the tight arse in me convinced my friend to move our cars. By the end of the movie it would have been $16 in parking charges! Each! 

It was a brilliant evening. It doesn't happen often enough, but we managed to do it cheap. I love my babies to death, but it's nice to have some teen time too sometimes.

Do you take your own snacks to the movies? Maddy thinks I have no shame. I'm pretty sure she's right.

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