Friday, April 4, 2014

The Easter Raffle Gouge

Are you finding the school Easter Raffle a huge money suck right now? Or is that just me?

We've donated eggs to dancing and now also preschool, and I also have the obligatory raffle tickets to buysell. As a tight arse who still likes decent chocolate, the sum total of the 3 donations to different places (1 per kid) is $9, and I avert my eyes from the raised eyebrows that suggest that I stinged out on my donation.

Those donations get bundled up into as many combinations as can be justified and all look lovely wrapped in cellophane in baskets with ribbons. I know my kids salivate over them every chance they get and beg me to buy tickets. Which I will, because raffle tickets is one thing I never get around to on passing to other relatives. Madeleine has x3 books (that was optimistic) and the toddlers each have 1. If I buy just one book per kid, that is still $30 worth of raffle tickets.

The irony of spending $40 on these Easter Raffles is that I will probably get lucky and win something. I usually do. And it's almost always the bundle with generic brand chocolate (this is one space I do not cheap out on, it has to be the real thing), with possibly my donation included. It's never worth $40.

This is where I say, Do as I say, and not as I do. My tips for surviving the Easter Raffle Gouge
  • Your donation does not have to be big or expensive. Many people giving a little each results in lots of donations
  • Sell those tickets to everyone else you come across. Most people will buy one ticket if your child asks sweetly, and then you share the cost of that book of tickets!
  • Consider buying regular chocolates instead of Easter Eggs which have a lower unit price. Even the major chocolate companies test to bundle up an Easter Egg along with some smaller regular bars in their gift boxes
  • Donate a washing or utility basket instead of chocolate. A washing basket can be just $3 and looks more impressive than a little egg.
  • Donate your time to making up the prizes instead of trying to donate lots of chocolate. Your time comes free!
  • Approach craft centres and stores that run workshops or sessions and ask if they would donate ribbon remnants that are going in the bin
  • Approach locate confectionery stores and ask for donations for your community group in exchange for a prize displaying their business card or logo
  • Also approach online and local boutiques that may sell alternative Easter Gifts and ask for a donation in exchange for some promotion of their product. Lots of people are looking for non-chocolate gifts for their kids
It's possible to survive the Easter Gouge. But not if you take the lazy way out as I have this year.

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