Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Show on a Budget

Excluding tickets, the total cost of the above was $1.50
Our family loves the Easter Show. The food, the rides, the show bags, animals, wood chopping, grand parade...there isn't much to not love. The days are long gone when I could allow $800-$1000 to spend though. Three children + a mortgage later our budget is much lower.

Keeping it Real: How much did the day cost?

Tickets: $78 (x2 adults, + 1 child with toddlers free all purchased at a discount through my social club)
Food: $3
Showbags: $65
Teenager: $20
Rides: $20
Misc: $7.50
Total: $193.50

Just think, if I'd won tickets the day would have been even cheaper! Definitely motivation to keep entering those comps each year.

We packed food and drinks for the day, taking in some soft drinks, water, and snacks. I don't even make a pretence at healthy eating when we go to something like the Show, with all that delicious food everywhere you turn, a salad sandwich is not going to rock my kids worlds. Instead it was fairy bread cut into star shapes, which they think is terrific because it's our treat food.
Meeting a farmer, these guys are lovely and so friendly!
I love to talk to the growers, admire their beautiful stands and I always buy something. This year was no exception, and I gave Lorelei $1 to buy 3 banana's to share with her brother and cousin. Bargain afternoon tea and we enjoyed a chat with the growers about their displays and produce.

The other $2 in food was spent buying crumpets smothered in Nutella and honey. Yeah yeah, I could buy a whole pack for $1.50 on sale, but it's the show, they smell delicious, and as expenses go they are a pretty cheap treat.

There is so much to do at the Show, even if I wanted to run out of free entertainment I couldn't. Some of the highlights for me this year were:

Silent disco. I realise we looked like complete dorks grooving to our own beat with our headphones on and no apparent sound to anyone else, but when Gangnam Style comes on you don't ask questions, you get on that pony and ride.
Getting my kids fingerprinted and tattooed at the police stand. The irony.
Kicking back in the inflatable dome to watch a surround vision movie from the comfort of a beanbag. Yes, there was a couple at the back sleeping peacefully. No, it was not Husband and I, although we took a moment to consider the possibilities.
Baby animal nursery. Thanks to the rain and the later time (6:30pm) this was almost deserted and we walked straight into enjoy all the animals to ourselves. Seb was more than a little intimidated by some of the animals and hid in the corner till the goats stopped chasing him, but he loved the puppies.

We barely walked 3 or 4 stands in the pavilions without bumping into something fun for kids. It made it so easy to wander and browse because the toddlers in our group didn't get time to be bored. Colouring in/sucking communal crayons at the Crayola stand, playing with blocks at BUPA, pumpkins to kiss or food to sample.

Have you been or are you going? What's your favourite part of the show this year? I give you the mission of keeping it under $200 for the visit :)

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