Monday, April 28, 2014

Closer to Nature: Spectacular Giveaway

When Lorelei was born I thrived on being a mother of a infant. I didn't have the Post Natal depression that plagued me with Madeleine, and I didn't have the extreme weariness and pain that brought me down with Sebastian, that later turned out to be the symptoms of my Crohn's Disease.

Let's face it, having just one young child in the house instead of two also makes it less stressful. I liked my night time feeds with her. Thanks to a nine month maternity leave stretch, I didn't have to worry too much about mornings, so once Maddy was at school if I felt tired I could take a nap with Lolly.

Night times were quiet sleepy feeds, in the dark together where Lolly would gaze up at the huge family portrait on the wall behind me as she fed. She liked to splay her fingers over the bottle in a pretence of holding it with me, and she would stare at me with huge brown eyes memorising my face.

Night times were always my domain, Husband would wake with me to change our babies bottoms while I prepared bottles, but then the feeding time was all mine. He liked to change their bottoms because it would give him that little window of cuddles, at a time when they slept so much that often he would leave for work while they were sleeping, and return in the evening when they were getting ready for bed.

This is what I would wake to at 4am
I didn't generally try dream feeds, all my babies would enjoy a small window of quiet play with me on the floor before falling asleep again. It was never long, I didn't feel like they were keeping me awake for hours, but that quiet time to explore together in the dim room was nice.

When I was pregnant with Lolly, I stocked up my baby registry with Closer to Nature products. These were the bottles I wanted, and the dummies. Thanks to an incredibly generous friends, family and colleague network, I ended with a complete range of bottles and soothers in all different sizes, as well as the great sterilisation system.

When I was asked if I'd like to do a giveaway for Closer to Nature, I jumped at the opportunity. These were great quality products that have served me well, and I'd love for one of my readers to enjoy some goodies from the Closer to Nature range. Whether you have a wee one in the house on or the way, or whether you know someone that you'd love to surprise with some Closer to Nature goodies, this is a terrific prize bundle valued at $100!

Closer to Nature have recently introduced a new range of soothers, and my bundle includes ALL of the new styles + a series of products to support your little one as they grow up and want to explore new foods and drinks.

Basket not included. Just me having some fun with photoshop

What's In The Prize?

x4 Packs of Closer to Nature 0-6m Soothers
x1 Explora Magic Mat
x4 Explora Active Cups
x1 Explora Cutlery Set

**Actual packaging and designs may differ from pictured.

For your chance to win the above prize bundle, tell me in 25 words or less which of the new soothers styles is your favourite and why! Additional entries via the rafflecopter.

Turn your roaring tiger into a purring kitten with the closer to nature® new soother range.  Be the first to trial the new baby approved soothers – Register your interest for samples hereThere are 4 new styles – Air, Anytime, Night time and Fun to choose from.  The soothers are suitable to use from birth and are designed with an orthodontic silicone teat to support healthy oral development.  $11rrp for a twin pack.  For stockist or for more information, please visit: I I @closertonature1

For your chance to win all 4 styles, tell us in 25 words or less which is your favourite style in the range and why (ie. Fun Style, Anytime, Night Time or Air Style).


  1. The night time soothers would handy for my little miss to find in the dark ;-)

  2. Love the fun style soothers , My 3 year old would have a lot of fun teaching his sister about the animals on her dummy.

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  4. I love the anytime ones, with little babies, anytime is a good time for a dummy!


  5. I love the fun time soothers, I think anything that is bright and fun suits any baby, boy or girl....which would then be perfect for number two baby whenever he or she may come along! :)

  6. I want the fun style ones so I can co-ordinate with clothes. I'll be more relaxed this time round and hopefully can have fun!

  7. Wee babes can need soothing anytime of day so for me the Any Time has to be the best soother in play.

  8. I love the nighttime soothers that glow in the dark! It's pure torture looking for those clear ones in the middle of the night when they seem to be invisible and you are desperate to soothe baby back to sleep so you can get some more shut eye!

  9. night time have me excited

  10. Fun style, I love the cute animal designs :)

  11. Anytime soother would be a favourite! Anytime baby is not breastfed, this would be handy!

  12. Anytime soother because it would match with any outfit and be perfect anytime of the day.

  13. Night Time - I love how they would be easier to find when you're half asleep with a screaming bubba

  14. The night time ones because they're easier to find in the dark when she wakes hysterical wanting a dummy.

  15. I love the nighttime range as the glow innthe dark feature lets my daughter find her dummy herself at night saving me from getting up constantly.


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