Saturday, April 19, 2014

Canberra Diary: Day 1

5:50am Seb is stirring so I leap into action to warm a bottle in a sink of hot water. Too late, he saw me and is less than impressed to see the bottle going in the wrong direction. Whole room and possibly whole hotel is awake now

6:30am Head into restaurant for the complimentary continental breakfast. Mortified by the mess and noise my kids make amongst this room full of quiet couples. Surreptitiously tuck some muffins away to enjoy later

7:30am check wifi it's still $12 an hour. Stupid wifi

9:00am husband is wheezing pit stop via a pharmacy for an asthma puffer on the way to Questacon. Damn pharmacy doesn't open till 9:30. Ooooh Nespresso store! Free coffee! Damn, they're closed too.

9:50am finally arrive at Questacon. I resent that it costs almost the same to pay for 2 adults + 1 child as it does for parents + 3 kids. Almost wish the toddlers were older so it would be better value.

10:30 Husband takes toilet training Lolly to the toilet because I am tied up. She comes out with a red faced Husband enthusing "that was amazing!". Apparently she was quite impressed when she saw how Husband went to the toilet. He took her into a cubicle in the men's and had to listen to chuckles from outside as Lolly admired his efforts.

11:15 family is starving thanks to our early wake up call. Time to suss out lunch. I should go a wrap and save some $$ while also feeling smug about the healthy option. Screw that! The cheeseburger and chips is cheaper than the salad wrap. The gods have spoken.

1:00pm Finally our time for Tiny-Q entry. So, so, worth the wait. Babies had the best time.

2:00pm. 4 hours more than enough for Questacon. Noticed tents all over the lawn outside Parliament House. What a great way to score free accommodation. Parliament House has free entry for a few days so am dragging the family around to look.

3:00om No accidents so far from Lolly on this trip but better safe than sorry. Drag her into a ladies bathroom specially converted for Australia's female politicians. "That was a great wee mum!" She compliments me before following my example. As long as it's me she's complimenting and not the lady in the next cubicle I can live with it.

3:30pm Found the Lego room at Parliament House and my kids try to build various Canberra landmarks. Husband and I restrain them from making a city and walking out with it in line with the "Make it, Take it, or Leave it Here" signage. Tempting though.

6:00pm Time for dinner and we head out to Gold Creek for dinner at the George Harcourt Inn because I saw they had advertised $12 schnitzels. Doomed to be disappointed, the $12 deal was for Tuesday but the service, atmosphere, speed and meal was great.

8:10pm Wifi is still $12 an hour. I start to suspect I am stuck with 3G this weekend. How primitive.

This weekends posts will be photo free and brought to you by my iPhone. I'll share photos in a few days when I return to the world of Wifi.

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