Sunday, March 2, 2014

The BIG SPLASH! Water Play for Toddlers

Our toddlers had a great time this weekend fundraising for the BIG SPLASH! an event to raise money for Premmie babies.

There was jumping in "muddy puddles" (aka our baby pool), duck and straw races, bubbles everywhere, and playing with coloured water tablets. Our gaggle of toddler visitors did what toddlers do best around water and splashed for a good hour, then enjoyed a sausage sizzle for lunch afterwards. Not even the rain this weekend deterred us as we simply set up in our big garage.

To wind down afterwards, there was colouring in, and of course Peppa Pig DVD's to watch. It was a simple afternoon of water play and almost no effort to put together.

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Every participant received a certificate of participation which my kids (Lolly is particular) were in LOVE with!

You can join an organised event by searching your local community here, or even organise an event for your friends and family yourself!

Some easy at home water play activities can include:

  • Sensory pool. Put some underwater toys in the bottom of a shallow storage tray and let the kids swim the fish, sharks and other toys through the water. Cups and scoops for moving water is also fun
  • Water balloon races. Fill up some balloons and let them run to get them into a bucket first!
  • Duck races. A few straws, ducks, and an eski or deep storage container of water and ducks can be blown across the pool!
  • Set up an old baby bath with some water, a dolly, and some sponges! Toddlers will LOVE giving a baby a bath
  • Paint with water! Give everyone a paint brush and let them paint the concrete or deck with water
For more idea's check out my Water Play for Toddlers board over at Pinterest - don't forget to like the Mummy Hearts Money boards while you are there!

The Lifes Little Treasures Foundation supports families of Premature or Sick Babies. The Big Splash fundraiser runs all of March and April. You can register online here and either create an event or join an existing one here. It was as simple as posting a link on Facebook to get some sponsorship for my toddlers.

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  1. Water is great for kids, isn't it? My boys can play in their little waddling pool for hours and hours. We're also lucky enough to live near the beach so again. So much to discovery and experience there.


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